Judtih Dagley – Full Taurus Moon, Sun In Scorpio– Its A Shift Point. USE It! – 8 November 2014

photo moonjudithOur sun is in Scorpio, our full Taurus moon became exact today at 5:23 p..m., ESTD. Do you feel it? Oh, I’ll bet you DO… whether you “know” it or not! I’d even go so far as to say you couldn’t HELP but feel this powerful sun/moon combination of electric and magnetic energy. That’s because our human bodies RUN on electromagnetic energy, which keeps us “plugged into” the same sort of energy that pulses to us from our earthly home environment (which is our solar system, of course).

So whatever you are feeling NOW, I first of all suggest that you decide to know that it is by design, and thus for your very highest good. Then, tune INTO what you are experieriencing/thinking/feeling with all your mighty intention. Because this is a “shift point” for us, and so for YOU personally, in these last weeks of 2014, our Year of Integration.

In some way, a “monkey wrench” has appeared in your NEW plan, relationship, career, life, “way-of-being”… whichever fits best. You can thank Scorpio for that. And I DO mean thank.

You’ve been FEELING the NEW, COMMITTED to the NEW, EXCITED by the NEW… and yet here is this something-or-other gumming up the works, and making the NEW seem very OLD, indeed.

BE AWARE. The NEW IS NEW. It is the something-or-other that is OLD.

Be it an old belief, pattern, or assumption, it is sticking out like a sore thumb right NOW so that you can SEE it, and get rid of it. Right NOW.

It is part of what kept you in the old box of limitation, that is all. But that box is not YOU.

Nor were you born in a box. You assembled it for your own purposes (GOOD ones, no matter what you “think”).

And if you knew how to assemble it, you certainly know how to take it apart.

If that’s a stretch to believe, logic might actually help you to make it, in this case. Otherwise, you’ll have to just trust me… if you want to, of course.

WHATEVER you do, get rid of the monkey wrench! Who needs it anymore? Certainly not YOU.

Reminder: November Energy Tele-Gathering is on 11/16 at 5:00 p.m. PSTD! I’ll say more about it in a post soon… I just know how some of you like a lot of reminders. (I need them too these days, btw!) If you are NEW to the site and want to know more about these gatherings and/or how to register, click on “2014 Monthly Energy Tele-Gatherings!” at the top of the website.


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