RT Exclusive: HSBC ‘Lied To MPs & Deceived Customers,’ Whistleblower Says – 8 November 2014

RT logoHSBC deliberately deceived the Treasury Select Committee and was in contempt of Parliament by claiming their “fake” solicitors were regulated, whistleblower and financial activist Nicholas Wilson said Friday.

The British-born investigator, who is currently preparing a private prosecution against HSBC for its alleged role in widespread fraud, says the bank purposely misled parliament by falsely stating to Conservative MP Andrew Tyrie that their in-house legal division was regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

Wilson uncovered concrete evidence the SRA did not regulate this legal entity in 2011. As part of ongoing investigative research he is conducting into what he stresses is large-scale HSBC fraud amounting to £1 billion, the whistleblower discovered what he alleges was HSBC’s deliberate deceit of Parliament.

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