Steve Lendman – Loretta Lynch For AG: Holder 2.0? – 9 November 2014

StevelendmanOn November 7, a White House press release announced her appointment for Attorney General. Succeding Eric Holder.

Calling her a “strong, independent prosecutor who twice led one of the most important US Attorney’s Offices in the country.”
Obama called her perhaps “the only lawyer in America who battles mobsters and drug lords and terrorists and still has the reputation for being a charming people person.”

Holder disgraced the office he held. Francis Boyle called him “a total disaster for the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Human Rights and the Rule of Law.”
White House press secretary Josh Earnest lied. Saying his “tenure (was) marked by historic gains in the areas of criminal justice reform and civil rights enforcement.”
Obama ludicrously called him another Ramsey Clark. His departure won’t change things. Expect business as usual to continue. Nothing suggests otherwise.
Before Lynch’s nomination, Boyle said he expects no positive change. It remains to be seen if he’s right.
Holder served monied interests. Subservient to wealth, power and privilege. Let Washington’s criminal class run things. Complicit with Wall Street and other corporate crooks.
Permitted unprecedented grand theft. Let corporate criminals escape accountability. Not a single culpable executive did prison time.
Authorized out-of-control Big Brother surveillance. Waged war on privacy rights. Due process. Press freedom. Whistleblowers exposing government wrongdoing.
He’s what Beltway insiders call a “sin eater,” said Law Professor Jonathan Turley. Shielding presidents and other top officials from accountability.
Nixon had Halderman and Ehrlichman. Oliver North and Bud McFarlane served Reagan. Bush had Cheney. The “ultimate sin eater,” said Turley.
Obama had “no better sin eater than Holder.” Absolving CIA torturers from prosecution. Supporting secretive/lawless/expanded warrantless surveillance.
Rubber-stamping Obama’s Murder, Inc. agenda. His kill list policy. His war on dissidents. Anti-war protesters. Muslims. Latino immigrants.
Lawyers defending clients Holder wanted convicted. Investigative journalists. Truth-tellers more aggressively than ever. According to Turley:
His tenure was “one of the most damaging periods in our history with a comprehensive attack on various constitutional rights and principles from free speech to the free press to international law.”
He “fought aggressively to expand the powers of the presidency and national security laws over countervailing individual rights and separation of powers principles.”
He “personifie(d) an administration of unrivaled ambitions colliding with inescapable realities.”
“(I)t didn’t take long for (his) ‘Mr. Smith comes to Washington’ story to become ‘all the king’s men.’ “
He was involved in militarizing state and local police forces. Wrongfully used the long outdated 1917 Espionage Act against Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and Chelsea (aka Bradley) Manning.
Supported Obama’s right to attack other countries without Security Council or congressional authorization. War-profiteers thrived on his watch.
Enforced a litany of police state laws. Shamelessly. Violating core rule of law principles.
He defended entrapment. Occurring when law enforcement officials or agents induce, influence, or provoke crimes that otherwise wouldn’t be committed.
Holder approved the practice publicly. Defending the indefensible. Calling entrapment an “essential law enforcement tool in uncovering and preventing terror attacks.”
None occurred on US soil in recent memory. Repeat: None. 9/11 was state-sponsored terrorism.
So-called homegrown terrorist plots virtually don’t exist. Alleged ones are hatched. Fake. Big Lies.
Targeting numerous innocent victims. Falsely accusing them of crimes never committed. Railroading them on bogus charges. Imprisoning them unjustly.
Generating fear. Washington’s fake war on terror needs public support. Orchestrated FBI stings entrap innocent victims.
Familiar schemes repeat. Law and order don’t matter. Police state justice replaced them.
Ends justify means. Expect business as usual under Lynch. Nothing suggests otherwise.
She’s currently US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. Appointed in May 2010.
Overseeing federal prosecutions in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Long Island.
Her mother was a school librarian. Her father a Baptist minister. She’s a Harvard College and Law School grad.
“(A)nother member of Obama’s Harvard Law School Mafia,” emailed Francis Boyle.
“Harvard Law School
Is a Neo-Con Cesspool
After Deans Clark and Kagan
I would not send my dog (there)
I like my dog
Nor my kids
Nor others’ kids
I like them too
To learn torture
And become torturers
To learn war crimes
And become war criminals
To learn kangaroo courts
And become kangaroos
To learn drones
And become droners
To learn murder
And become murderers
To learn assassinations
And become assassins
To trash the Constitution
And International Law
Human Rights too
This is not the HLS
I entered
In 1971
A Pox upon their House
Obama said he “can think of no better public servant to be our next Attorney General.”
“It’s no wonder that the Senate unanimously confirmed her to be the head of the US Attorney’s office in two separate situations, once under President Clinton and once under my administration, and it’s my hope the Senate will confirm her a third time without delay.”
Lynch pledged she’ll ”wake up every morning with the protection of the American people my first thought and I will work every day to safeguard our citizens, our liberties, our rights and this great nation which has given so much to me and my family.”
If confirmed, she’ll be the first female African-American attorney general.
The content of her character matters most. Especially as America’s chief law enforcement officer.
Most predecessors shamed the office. Mocked rule of law principles. It remains to be seen how Lynch performs. If past is prologue, hold the cheers.
She initially practiced law at Cahill Gordon & Reindel. An establishment New York-headquartered international law firm. Since 1919.
Her official Justice Department bio says her federal career began in 1990. Prosecuting Eastern District narcotics and violent crime cases.
From 1994 – 98, she was Long Island Office Chief. After serving as District Deputy Head of General Crimes as well as Intake and Arraignments.
She prosecuted white collar crimes and corruption cases. Was lead prosecutor in trials involving public corruption allegations in Brookhaven, Long Island.
Was a United States v. Volpe trial team member. Involving New York police sexually assaulting Haitian immigrant Abner Louima.
Clinton appointed her US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. Serving from 1999 to 2001.
She was a member of his Attorney General’s Advisory Committee. Served as White House Crime Subcommittee Co-Chair.
Was a Criminal Trial Advocacy Program DOJ instructor. Served as St. John’s University School of Law Adjunct Professor.
From 2003 – 2005, was a Wall Street controlled New York Federal Reserve Bank of New York board member. The mother bank most complicit with its member bank crooks.
Before becoming US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York in May 2010, she was a Hogan & Hartson LLP partner.
New York based. A member of its litigation group. Focusing on commercial litigation, white collar criminal defense, and corporate compliance issues.
At the time, serving as Special Counsel for the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR).
It defined propaganda and other forms incitement to commit genocidal mass killing as follows:
“Directly provoking the perpetrator(s) to commit genocide, whether through speeches, shouting or threats uttered in public places or at public gatherings, or through the sale or dissemination, offer for sale or display of written material or printed matter in public places or at public gatherings, or through the public display of placards or posters or through any other means of audiovisual communication.”
Like US-led NATO written or verbal communications. Justifying naked aggression. Mischaracterized as humanitarian intervention. Or responsibility to protect.
Regurgitated by supportive scoundrel media propaganda. Misinformation. Other forms of deception.
America and rogue EU partners operate unaccountably. Committing high crimes. Avoiding tribunal justice. Don’t expect US officials to explain. Or prosecute high-level culpable ones.
ICTR Chief Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte granted Rwandan President Paul Kagame and complicit officials de facto impunity.
Exonerating them of conspiracy and other high crimes. Justice remains denied. Lynch’s official bio leaves her role unexplained.
Her ICRT Special Counsel for the Chief Prosecutor position likely involved her in absolving culpable US allies.
Disqualifying her for the nation’s top law enforcement position. Don’t expect accountability going forward.
Justice in America doesn’t work this way. For sure not now.
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