Lisa Gawlas – The Pebbles Of Love… – 10 November 2014

lisagawlas2There is a tidbit to yesterdays sharing I didn’t add, and my team has hijacked my brains until I talk about it now.  I so wanted to start with the readings yesterday, but I cannot untangle the information within me because spirit is focused on this…

I talked about the show I was watching and the man who had the NDE (near death experience) and his guide Gabe asked him “what have you done for your fellow-man” as his life review started.  What I didn’t mention (time constraints ya know) was that the first (and only one he mentioned) segment of his life review that showed up to help him remember what he did, was at the age of 10 when he was a school crossing guard.  He smiled as he remembered how seriously he took that job, especially when it came to the 5 and 6 year olds that were crossing the street.  This was his first purposeful act of serving his fellow-man.

Who would ever stop to think about that as a way of serving, yet to spirit, it is.  We can get so caught up in the bigger picture we forget how incredibly important the little things are.  The little ways we can make a big difference that more than likely, no one (not even ourselves) will ever notice… until we transition to the other side of the veil.  I am going to share a quote from spirit that came thru my fingertips in a conversation on facebook yesterday:  “Pebbles create mighty structures!!”  It is not one single thing, but a series of little things that become solid and unshakable in the foundation of Love.

Now, let me transition to one of the readings I had the absolute privilege of experiencing yesterday.  I started seeing her about 10 minutes before our session time, there she was, onside on the field of the new earth, these two amazing light beings at the front of her body in a love fest.  Like a spiritual orgy lol.  They were sliding up and down her body, kind of reminded me of a cat rubbing against your leg, only these two beings where up and down, up and down from head to foot.  With each slither up and down, all I could feel is the love and gratitude they have for her.  It didn’t change at all once we got connected, however, I could feel the love fest even deeper inside of me as I tried to tell her what was happening.  The love was so intense, she and I both were crying from the overflow.

As I got myself together and looked closer at her and these two Being seemingly merging with her, I realized they put someone special in the center of her heart.  An open gold ball kinda sorta looked like this (much prettier tho with more golden connections that were slightly wavy than straight up and down and nothing inside.)

link to picture

What her two loving Beings that are now a part of her energy field said… this was their gift to her, an amplifier of all she is, and all she desires.  She had come to Here as such an unconditionally loving Being, assisting others in every way she can and now, this is her gift from the realm of spirit.  They had also said that getting to Here, she had let many of her own desires on the wayside of life and then they switched my vision to what I will call future, and these two Beings (never leaving her frontal body) were pulling a sleigh filled with presents out of the black of December into her present.  They said these gifts are both tangible and spiritual.

I also want to mention, these two white slithering Beings (they never stopped moving up and down her body) were masculine and feminine, but so balanced in the energies I could not tell which was which.

Then she told me about her last reading, I cannot believe I had forgotten, but spirit is good like that, making sure I go into any reading unbiased, they pull the plug on my memory of our last connection.  Two snake lady, one in each hand!!!  She said she was doing her homework and then a light bulb of understanding went on inside of me… these two slithering Beings are her snakes, no longer separate from her (one in each hand) but a part of her biological make up and amplifying all she is and all she does in this amazing world we are in!!

There is so much more that I want to share, yet spirit is holding me back for now… they say I don’t have enough understanding of what is coming thru the readings, in the abilities emerging to make it purposeful in these sharings.

I do want to add to that and say, I swear to god I am learning a whole new language.  Spirit has taken my reading field, made it their own, rearranging what everything means to fit the current world, taken even my language of light and changing its meaning.  I kinda feel like I have been speaking english and now learning russian day by day.  I barely understood the english!!!  So even in our emerging abilities, there are gaps I need to string together to create an outward sharing.  I am obviously knee deep in night school learning as we go, I am sleeping later than I ever have even with the additional hour we gained in the morning.

At the encouragement of my team (or is that insistence lol) I am putting out my Thanksgiving Special early… My 30 minute 3-4-2 package is going to be$20 off.  So you can kinda look at it this way, one full price session, one almost half price session and one free session!!  All the info is on my website.  This way, I have more of your soul to mine!! lol

Anywayz, my day is about to begin.  I go this afternoon for another follow up blood test, here’s hoping my red blood thinned out!!

With ohhh so much move and wonder and pure excitement wrapped in ((((HUGZ))))

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