Duma Seeks Ban On Scary US Toys To Protect Children’s Psyche – 11 November 2014

RT logoA Russian nationalist party lawmaker has asked the government to ban “all foreign produced toys that could affect the mental health of children,” and specifically targeted the Monster High dolls by US maker Mattel.

Konstantin Subbotin (LDPR) who sits in the Lower House Committee for Women, Family and Children told Izvestia daily he had received numerous complaints from parents about Monster High dolls. The main worry was that the dolls were causing “suicidal moods” among the children. Kids buy them, or receive them as presents from other children or swap the toys – all without parents’ consent, he said.

I think we need an official expertise from competent bodies, explain the situation and issue a warning that would save our children from such toys,” the politician told the newspaper.

He also added that horror-themed toys like the Monster High dolls could be used by those who want to raise the children’s interest in the supernatural.

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