Valerie Donner – The Groundcrew – 11 November 2014

valerieDonnerDear Ground Crew,

This past week words can hardly explain how the recent full moon, eclipses, solar flares, time change and earth’s chaotic nodes (Tom Kenyon and the Hathors write about the chaotic nodes. have impacted us. Some of us have had trouble sleeping, depression, crying sprees, feeling craziness, and fatigue, have had headaches and can’t think, and have felt out of sorts. We have been in the chaos while everyone else is trying to maneuver through the energies.

Whatever longstanding issues you have could be placed right in front of you. You can’t escape from what needs to be corrected. Finish them.

From January 1 this year until October 17, we had a total of eight solar flares. From October 23rd in one week we had six flares. On November 7, we had three M Class solar flares and one X Class flare within 24 hours! No wonder we are feeling discombobulated!

The solar flares affect the earth’s electromagnetic and geomagnetic fields, which in turn affect the electromagnetic and geomagnetic fields of humans and the rest of life on the planet. Even Big Time Lightworkers (BTL) with whom I speak are saying “I never thought it would be this hard.”

One of my BTL friends stopped by the other day. She had tried all of her meditation techniques, inspirational CD’s, prayers, healing energies on herself, spent time in nature, sat by water and was still messed up. I told her what was happening with the sun and that helped her understanding. She went home and took a nap. We are wondering when we will start feeling like ourselves again.

Some people seem to be doing quite well. Lightworkers are doing much of the work for the rest of humanity. No wonder you are tired.

What to do when there are Solar Flares

I googled “What to do when there are solar flares” and there isn’t anything there! Here are some suggestions:

      • Rest when you can.
      • Stand bare footed on the earth to get grounded.
      • Drink lots of water.
      • Don’t force yourself to do too much.
      • Be by water or in water.
      • Walk and be in nature.
      • Focus on your vision for the New Earth.
      • Tell your guides you don’t want to work every night when you go to sleep. You might need some time off.
      • Use nice essential oils like Jasmine, Grounding, Frankincense, and Peppermint. Lavender helps with sleep. I like Young Living Therapeutic grade essential oils. You can contact me if you want to order some (e-mail: or 925-287-8976.)
      • Certain crystals can also be helpful: Shiva Lingams and Hematite are good for grounding. Pay attention to the crystals. If you feel drawn to a certain crystal consider meditating with it. It might be one that could help too.

On November 5, in my monthly Meeting with the Masters Class, the Master Hillarion gave us some information: “Solar flares are cracking open the codes within the earth and within humanity. They can be very challenging to assimilate. Ask for my help. The Lightworkers have the greatest challenge because they are transmitting the Light from Prime Source to the others on the earth. It makes for quite a display. Your bodies are extremely sensitive. You are Prime Source’s transmitters of Light Source. . . .You have the right to know. . . Solar flares are a gift of love; the power of the Almighty . . . The lessons will be repeated until they are learned. . . Take quiet time. Forget your earthly challenges. Wave the badge of courage with every step. You are magnificent beings and we need all of you. . . We are working on your brains. Eclipses are to help you see things differently. You will find you have new aptitudes, gifts and abilities. Abnormalities will be pointed out. Be adventurous and try new things. . . Most everyone is challenged right now.”

My Vision for the New Earth

      • A new financial system
      • Health care for all
      • Enough for everyone
      • Light
      • Return of the space family
      • The end of war
      • Peace
      • Oneness
      • Love
      • Cooperation
      • Unity
      • New governance
      • No more big taxing agencies
      • Our natural abundance
      • Cooperation not competition
      • Generousity
      • Higher consciousness
      • Service to all not service to self
      • People doing their life’s purpose
      • Support of beauty, music and art all good creative endeavors
      • Return of the Masters

 Our Planet

By Valerie Donner

Our planet is in a state of flux.
Sometimes it can be too much for us.
Rattled nerves, sleepless nights,
Keep us wondering if we will get things right.

Too much to do,
With So little time,
Spaceship earth
Could turn on a dime.

When will it stop?
When will it ease?
Will we be falling
On our knees?

Keep on going.
Stay on track.
Our worries will be over.
We will be free of lack.

Keep your faith.
Hold your head high.
Watch what happens
In the sky.

The earth is changing
And so are we.
Everything’s getting cleaned up
So that we can be free.

© 2014 The Ground Crew / link to original article


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