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Steve Lendman – Institutionalized Israeli State Terror – 12 November 2014

StevelendmanJust when you think things can’t get worse, they do. Israel finds new ways to surprise. Couched in Big Lies.
A daily litany burying hard truths. Many too outrageous too ignore.
Wrongdoing writ large. Terrorism is what they do, not us.
On November 11, the Silwan, East Jerusalem-based Wadi Hilweh Information Center (WHIC) reported an IDF arrest warrant for two-year-old Hamza.
Saying he’s wanted for questioning. Confirming it when showing up to detain him. Raiding the family home.
An Israeli intelligence officer demanding to see the boy. Told he lived next door. Leaving without comment.

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Wes Annac – Oversoul Teachings Q&As: Elves, Gnomes And Faeries – 12 November 2014

wes-annac-300x229Note: I offer this message (and a few others I have on my computer, which I’ll offer in the coming days) on the heels of a decision to merge my channeling and writing into what I call ‘meditative writing’. I asked a few people who read my work for their perspective on this idea, and they seemed to support it.

Basically, I want to combine my channeling and writing to produce even more articles than before, which’ll be written with the inspiration and input of my higher self.

I might write about this new practice soon, because I think it’s a potentially revolutionary one that other seekers – particularly those who resonate with the concept of channeling – might benefit from opening up to. Continue reading

James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Sibel Edmonds Answers Your Questions On Gladio B – 12 November 2014

JamesCorbett4Following is a transcript of the fourth interview in the Gladio B interview series. Listen to the audio of the interview here or watch the video in the player below:

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Laura Bruno – 11/11 And Full Moon Energies – 12 November 2014

laura-of-the-rocksJust a quick note to confirm that if you’re finding late yesterday and today extremely intense, synchronous and clarifying, welcome to the club.

Last night, I received messages from three different people within the span of about 10 minutes — each indicating that they had either broken up with a significant other with an incompatible worldview and spiritual path, or that they had realized in no uncertain terms they would need to make massive shifts in the relationship, as the split between old and new is becoming too strong to ignore or resist. I heard similar stories from people last week, but the synchronicity of three such messages all at once really underscored these energies of shining light on the murky places and needing to act on the information gleaned.  Today I’ve continued holding space for and solidarity with someone standing up to abusive legal actions following an abusive marriage. There’s a definite “Enough is enough” vibe today — coming from a deep, holy place of reclamation.

The planet herself seems to have received and passed along an infusion of strength, clarity and courage. We need these energies now, because we have much to shift, levy and reclaim. I continue to send love and compassion to all of you. Thank you for being here now. Thank you for allowing yourself to receive the beauty, freedom and grace available for you. Change, like so many other things, is an inside job. Let’s reclaim our power to influence in which direction that change moves. Much love, Laura

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JP Morgan Chase Cost US Taxpayers Millions, Had Them Pay For Settlement – Matt Taibbi – 12 November 2014

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“Ordinary people lost enormous amounts of money” when JP Morgan Chase sold millions in faulty loans – and taxpayers still paid a big chunk of its billion-dollar settlement with the government, investigative journalist Matt Taibbi told RT.

READ MORE: Busted: JPMorgan inks record $13bn settlement

In recent story published in Rolling Stone, Taibbi detailed how a former JP Morgan employee Alayne Fleischmann helped the Justice Department in its investigation against the bank. Eventually, a $9 billion settlement was reached. However, that agreement did not require the bank to admit guilt for fraud – and it all came about to keep the information Fleischmann divulged from surfacing.

Speaking with Thom Hartmann on RT’s ‘The Big Picture’, Taibbi said that Fleischmann, a deal manager at the company, criticized JP Morgan’s banking practices when she realized that the normal procedures on due diligence and compliance on loans were not being handled in the usual way. These loans were to be packed into securities and re-sold to investors (pension funds, hedge funds, insurance companies), but the due diligence department wasn’t forthcoming with information, and deal managers were told not to send emails with their inquiries.

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Going Green: Beijing, Washington Strike Landmark Climate Change Deal – 12 November 2014

RT logoThe world’s top carbon polluters – China and the United States – have reached a landmark agreement on greenhouse gas emissions, with both countries pledging to curb them by about a third by 2030.

Under the agreement, which was announced by President Obama and President Xi Jinping in Beijing, the United States pledges to reduce the level of its greenhouse gas emissions – based off 2005 levels – by 26 to 28 percent by the year 2025. Ultimately, the goal for American policy makers is to reduce emissions 80 percent by 2050.

For its part, China has pledged to stop its emissions from rising by 2030 – the first time the country has ever promised to reach such a goal. President Xi said that in order to successfully accomplish this, 20 percent of China’s energy needs will come from alternative sources by 2030, such as solar power and wind energy.

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Lisa Gawlas – The Party Of 11.11 And Dream Weaving Too!! – 12 November 2014

lisagawlas2Happy 11/11 everyone!!  I think I am going to start by sharing my last connection of yesterday first, to kind of start the theme of this moment, this day from the spirit side of the veil. As is becoming coming these days, I am getting pre-game from your team, seeing and hearing you before we even connect.  With this beautiful lady the first thing I heard was clapping, lots of clapping, celebration style.  How can ya not break out in a big smile when you are tuned into the massive applause of spirit.   Then my eyes drifted out to the field, and I could see her standing in her center upon the new earth and these golden rings above her head and around her feet with clapping hands, lots of them, just above her head. Continue reading

Ferguson Grand Jury Decision: Gun Sales Spike, Missouri Gov Vows Strong Response To Protests – 12 November 2014

RT logoGun shops near Ferguson, Missouri are reporting a surge in sales as residents wait to hear if a local police officer will be charged in the death of an unarmed teenager. State Gov. Jay Nixon has vowed a strong response to potential protests and violence.

Retailers like Metro Shooting Supplies in Bridgeton, MO have seen gun sales triple in recent days, KMOV News reported this week, and similar shops throughout the region are reporting that items are flying off the shelves, apparently amidst fears that the impending grand jury decision concerning Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson may rekindle violent demonstrations.

Sales on Friday were at a “fevered pitch,” Metro’s Steven King told KMOV, with the store selling over 100 guns in only three days instead of a more routine 30 weapons or so.

“This is very abnormal,” King told the station. “With all the rumors on the internet, they are saying every neighborhood is unsafe, there is a possibility of a strike in any neighborhood.”

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Canadian Mother ‘Assaulted’ By Policeman At Home, Son Witnesses Beating – 12 November 2014

RT logoA Canadian woman says a police officer beat her with a baton and smashed her face against a table, while the woman’s nine-year-old son watched the incident.

Lara Sinclair from Winnipeg filed a report with Canada’s Law Enforcement Review Agency (LERA), hoping that it could prevent this happening to someone else.

Sinclair told CBS that police came to her house on the night of Halloween, after reports of a disturbance. Two policemen entered and one of them went to check on the son, while the other talked to the mother.

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ESA Historic Rosetta Mission On Course To First-Ever Comet Touchdown – 12 November 2014

RT logoA lander from the European Space Agency’s Rosetta space mission is on course to descend and harpoon itself to the Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet. It has been chasing the space wanderer through the solar system for more than 10 years.

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The agency is set to attempt the risky landing on Wednesday, with the separation of the Philae lander planned for about 09.03 GMT and touch down occurring about seven hours later, at 16:02 GMT.

The final check confirmed that all systems of the Rosetta probe are functioning properly and its Philae lander is ‘go’ for comet landing, reported ESA.

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