Steve Lendman – Institutionalized Israeli State Terror – 12 November 2014

StevelendmanJust when you think things can’t get worse, they do. Israel finds new ways to surprise. Couched in Big Lies.
A daily litany burying hard truths. Many too outrageous too ignore.
Wrongdoing writ large. Terrorism is what they do, not us.
On November 11, the Silwan, East Jerusalem-based Wadi Hilweh Information Center (WHIC) reported an IDF arrest warrant for two-year-old Hamza.
Saying he’s wanted for questioning. Confirming it when showing up to detain him. Raiding the family home.
An Israeli intelligence officer demanding to see the boy. Told he lived next door. Leaving without comment.

According to WHIC, “Israeli forces seized three computers from the Zeidani family’s home after arresting their 16-year-old son Mohammed.”
Earlier, soldiers kidnapped four Silwan Palestinians. After ransacking their home. On Monday, Israeli security forces attacked Deir Abu Mashaal female Palestinian students.
Dozens suffered temporary asphyxiation. Needing medical treatment for injuries sustained. West Bank communities and East Jerusalem remain on the boil.
Israeli live fire wounded two Nablus teenagers. Military forces invaded. Clashes with local youths followed. Ali Najeh Hanani and Moayyad Khatatba required hospitalization. Many residents suffered from tear gas inhalation.
On Monday, Israeli police kidnapped five dozen Palestinians. Including 10 children. In Kafr an Tur’an. During overnight clashes. For protesting Israeli ruthlessness.
Unjustly accused of “causing violence.” Peaceful protests called rioting. Numerous other clashes occurred in other West Bank cities, towns and villages.
On Sunday, Kafr Kanna villagers called a general strike. After Israeli police murdered Kheir Hamdan in cold blood. Lying about his attempting to stab an officer. Video evidence proved otherwise.
Palestinians protested throughout the West Bank. Black flags few on rooftops. In Negev cities, towns and villages.
Israel announced a state of alert. Activists replaced a Sha’ab village police station Israeli flag with a Palestinian one.
Students demonstrated on university campuses. Netanyahu bears full responsibility for ongoing violence. Likeminded ministers and MKs share it.
On Tuesday, Israel’s security cabinet met. Discussion focused on escalated violence. West Bank and East Jerusalem protests.
A day after Netanyahu told security officials to combat “terrorist” activities in Occupied Palestine.
Increasing security force numbers. Deploying two IDF battalions. A third in reserve if needed.
Demolishing homes of Palestinians called “terrorists.” Especially in East Jerusalem. Escalating measures to “uproot the terror from inside the country,” Netanyahu said.
Urging Israeli Arab citizens to refrain from “get(ting) dragged into incitement.”
Ludicrously calling them “citizens with equal rights and equal duties, and the first duty of every citizen is to respect the law.”
Despite Israeli policy consistently violating it. Promising harsh recrimination against justifiable Palestinian resisters. No-holds-barred state terrorism.
Accusing Abbas of not “partnering in the fight on terror.” Saying he “proved how irresponsible he is.”
“Instead of calming unrest, he is enflaming it and spreading lies.” Accusing him of “wild incitement.”
Saying “(t)he sad thing is that the international community that rushes to condemn every balcony that we build in our capital city, simply ignores (it)…and thus it encourages him to continue actions that could ignite the entire Middle East.”
“We are in the midst of a campaign of incitement and terrorism directed against the State of Israel and its citizens,” Netanyahu hyperventilated.
It “continued since the foundation of the state and even before then. We have defeated terrorism until today and we will defeat it this time as well.”
“We will take a firm hand against those who throw stones, Molotov cocktails, and of course fireworks. We will outlaw organizations that are fomenting the situation in Jerusalem.”
Abbas accused Israel of igniting holy war throughout the region. Through settlement expansions. Attacking Palestinians without just cause.
Murder and destruction. Violating rule of law principles. Rejecting peace and stability.
An unnamed senior Israeli official said Hamas might “symbolic(ally)” fire rockets at Israel. In solidarity with West Bank/East Jerusalem events.
Extremist Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon warned of escalated violence. It “won’t be allowed to widen,” he said.
We’ve reinforced our deployment…We’re making more arrests. We’ll use a strong arm, including demolishing terrorists’ houses.”
“When an attack succeeds, it prompts copycat acts – whether it’s a car-ramming attack or a stabbing attack.”
Recent attacks were “prompted in part by incitement,” he claimed. “So it has to be dealt with.”
Brutally. Ruthlessly. Lawlessly. The Israeli way. Blaming victims for its own crimes.
Ordering collective punishment. Calling legitimate resistance terrorism.
Israel’s sordid history reflects depravity. Brutalizing Palestinians mercilessly. Murdering them in cold blood.
Zionists fabricated history. Reinventing Palestinians as semi-savage nomads. Justifying mass slaughter to eliminate them.
Hardline revisionist leader Ze’ev Jabotinsky advocating “an iron wall of (superior) Jewish military force.” Dictating events.
Discouraging Palestinian hopes. In 1940, Jewish Agency Colonization Department head, Joseph Weitz said:
“Between ourselves, it must be clear that there is no room for both peoples together in this country.”
“We shall not achieve our goal if the Arabs are in this small country. There is no other way than to (get rid of) all of them. Not one village, not one tribe should be left.”
A later published secret Koenig Report said “(w)e must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population.”
Former IDF Chief of Staff Raphael Eitan (1978 – 1983) said:
“We declare openly that the Arabs have no right to settle on even one centimeter of Eretz Israel…”
“Force is all they do or ever will understand. We shall use the ultimate force until the Palestinians come crawling to us on all fours.”
Future Israeli prime minister David Ben-Gurion said:
“We must expel the Arabs and take their place and if we have to use force, to guarantee our own right to settle in those places – then we have force at our disposal.”
Zionist founder Theodore Herzl said Palestine is “our unforgettable historic homeland.” He called for establishing it by dispossessing indigenous Palestinians. Replacing them with Jews.
Joel Kovel says Zionism seeks “the restoration of tribalism in the guise of a modern, highly militaralized and aggressive state.”
(It) cut Jews off from (their) history and led to a fateful identity of interests with antisemitism (becoming) the only thing that united them.”
“(It) fell into the ways of imperialist expansion and militarism, and showed signs of the fascist malignancy.”
If you accept “the idea of a Jewish state,” you mix its twin notions of “particularism (and) exceptionalism…”
“(T)he actual bane of Judaism…(Giving) racism an objective, enduring, institutionalized and obdurate character.” Turning Israel “into a machine for the manufacture of human rights abuses.”
Its bloodstained history proves it. Early Zionists called for “establishing for the Jewish people a publicly and legally assured home in Eretz Yisrael.” Beginning a process of:
  • settling Jewish agriculturists, artisans, and tradesmen in Palestine;
  • organizing effective action groups in various countries;
  • building Jewish consciousness and a national identity; and
  • gaining worldwide acceptance for a Jewish homeland.
At issue was replacing Palestinians with Jews. Britain went along. Its 1917 Balfour Declaration “establish(ed) in Palestine (a) national home for the Jewish people.”
The 1915 McHahon-Hussein Agreement guaranteed one for Arabs. Britain betrayed them. So did America and France.
Sykes-Picot (1916) carved out Western regional spheres of influence. Ottoman Arab provinces were divided their way. Arabs had no say.
In 1920, Britain’s Mandate period began by assuring:
  • a liberal Jewish immigration policy;
  • immediate provisional citizenship for Jews;
  • easy Jewish land acquisition at the expense of indigenous Arabs;
  • contiguous settlements to solidify a Jewish presence;
  • employment for Jewish immigrants;
  • favorable customs policies to develop Jewish commerce; and
  • partiality toward Jews overall at the expense of indigenous Arabs.
Israeli hardline militancy persists. Using violence to displace Palestinians. Gain unchallenged power. Rule by strength, confrontation, intimidation, and violence.
Premeditated state terror and naked aggression. Freedom fighting Palestinians called terrorists. Civilians considered legitimate targets.
Jews alone have rights. Arabs considered subhumans. Peace process hypocrisy offers nothing. Stillborn from inception. The greatest hoax in modern times.
Occupation harshness persists. Judaization through land confiscation, displacement, and settlements remains official Israeli policy.
Palestine’s Nakba never ended. Zionism justifies the unjustifiable. Jewish ethnocracy, exclusivity, and superiority.
Laws favoring Jews alone. Palestinians have no say. Denied all fundamental rights. Unrestrained Israeli violence checking them.
Final solution plans call for total Judaization. De-Arabization. Eliminating them altogether. Through dispossession or annihilation.
Treating them like “dogs” so they’ll leave, said Moshe Dayan. Ben-Gurion favoring “terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation,” and violence.
Palestinians remain isolated on their own. Besieged Gazans suffer horrifically.
Western leaders turn a blind eye. Israel gets away with mass murder. Other high crimes against peace. Relief is nowhere in sight. Liberation remains a distant dream.
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