Austerity Fatigue: Britons’ Willingness To Accept Cuts Is Evaporating – Poll – 13 November 2014

RT logoBritish voters’ appetite for austerity is rapidly dwindling, a Financial Times (FT) poll has revealed. As an aversion to austerity grows, the continuance of such punitive economic policies after the next general election could spark widespread dissent.

The FT’s Populus poll suggests a mere two out of five voters think further cuts and austerity measures will be necessary between 2015 and 2020, despite a looming budget deficit forecast to stand at £75.2 billion (US$118.9 billion) for the upcoming financial year.

The survey revealed that a considerable majority of Britain’s electorate believe the state’s deficit can be reduced by eradicating wasteful government spending. Such a prudent measure would shield ordinary citizens from the corrosive impact that austerity policies have posed in recent years, they said.
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