CNN Ratings Plummet To Historic Low In Primetime Slot – 13 November 2014

RT logoCNN’s ratings hit a record low Monday night during the vaunted 9 p.m. slot once held by legendary Larry King. Not only did the network come in fourth among the cable news channels, it had its lowest number of viewers in nearly a quarter of a century.

During Monday’s second live hour of Anderson Cooper’s show AC360, CNN drew 181,000 total viewers, of whom 53,000 were in the all-important 25- to 54-year-old demographic, according to Nielsen.

That makes the primetime slot “the lowest for the time period since at least Oct. 1, 1991,” TV Newser noted, which is “as far back as Nielsen electronic records go.”

Cooper’s show only adds a second hour on Monday nights. The rest of the week is filled with non-fiction shows from Lisa Ling, Mike Rowe and John Walsh. The new attempt at a lineup began after Piers Morgan Live was canceled; the last episode aired March 28th. Host Piers Morgan had been tapped in to fill the slot starting in January 2011 to replace CNN’s longest-running show, Larry King Live.

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