Crys Crystaqueous – Re. The Truman Show – 15 November 2014

I shall joyfully rehearse to Our heart’s content the beauty I saw as I viewed this film for the very first time last evening. Its metaphorical content powerfully gripped me from the beginning all the way to its joyous end.
Certainly the Corporation that headed up this unique experiment was in a sense playing the I AM Play-Creator role where Truman was simply a controlled and animated-like character who’s every move was not merely monitored but carefully dictated to the finest degree. And of course, the Truman movie was sort of an attempt by so-called “human” consciousness to portray its limited notion of a supposed meaning to what’s actually happening upon the Big Stage-Planet Earth, and therefore must fall infinitely short of authentic accuracy as to the true meaning and significance of the Earth Play Divine. All is remarkably executed in precise accordance with the Script Divine! How Fun!
The movie portrayed very well how that so-called “human” roles here are designed to grow progressively more uncomfortable wherein each participant is to commence feeling that something, indeed many something’s, are not seeming to add up in the picture of its own so-called material reality. Things get to feel not so real anymore and serious conscious questing for deeper clarity results. This was portrayed very well in Truman’s life role where he became obsessed with the conscious determination to get out of his boxed-in feeling life. His getting away or out of confusion was pictured by his ever-deepening desire to go to Fiji. Fiji obviously representing a free and happy utopian reality!
Probably the most significant key to unlocking the great mystery of his life in the film was in becoming acquainted with that beautiful woman who was finally snatched away from him after kissing on the beach that night. She told him straight out or confirmed to him in that moment—that his life was being manipulated. Even the man who drove up to take her from him claiming to be her father, was part of the big hoax! She said plainly: “he is not my father, he’s associated with the great lie”!
Truman knew on some level that this beautiful woman was as a shining light in his world of darkness and uncertainty. And where was she going?—to Fiji! Fiji was obviously used in the film as a metaphorical term to symbolize deliverance from the false and ever-growing discomfort of life in a chaotic and unreal material matrix. Very fitting indeed! Fiji is considered to be a tropical paradise in the Earth Dream.
Truman came more and more to feel he was trapped and that even his own wife was part of this entrapment from which he must somehow become entirely free. Next he is shown in the sail boat—jumping directly into his horrifying fears of water which symbolized his determined effort to escape or break out of his unhappy trance at all cost. But already he was growing increasingly uncertain/suspicious that the episode of losing his father in a drowning scenario when but a boy, was authentic like everything else.
All this is showing nicely that actors upon the earth stage are here to become progressively disenchanted with the apparent meaninglessness of a supposed human existence which is thought to begin with the weird event called “birth”, and end after much distress, in that weirder event termed “death’. And how that the dissatisfaction level is to rapidly increase until one commences to test the waters so to speak, and bravely question simply everything regarding his/her so-called reality upon this seemingly senseless earth plain.
Then Truman finally sails right into the “wall of illusory time”, where he seems hedged in again and prevented from traveling further in his determination to break-out. But even at this point more direction comes and he commences walking on the unreal-water to a staircase. At the top he sees two directions—one leading back into the “lies of nothingness” from whence he hears a voice proclaiming that there is no truth in the direction he is seeking, so he may as well willingly submit to the meaningless and untruthful life he’s been trying so hard to escape.
Of course Truman at this point is representing that freedom thirsting spirit that becomes unrelenting in its quest to break out of an unreal nightmare of dream.
There is much portrayal throughout the film of the intense mechanism that seems to be in place to prevent one from awaking and making a break for the so-called real-life which is increasingly intuited as lying somewhere just beyond.
The very next scene shows Truman turning about and rushing through the opened door and dashing happily into the arms of that lovely woman who was so cruelly snatched away from him in his dark night. Obviously, she represents complete freedom from the world of the unreal—Indeed, She’s none other than his beautiful True Self. He is free at last! Yea!!! His dream-role has ended and He, with all other Reality Beings on the so-called “other-side”, rejoice exceedingly! All this is being sweetly symbolized by the bliss he is pictured as feeling when he leaps with joy into the arms of his lover-divine!
An amazing metaphorical adventure in film!
But of course, it is good to see the corporation in the role as designer/creator of a play that actually intends no harm to its stage characters. Hence, the programed calm on the sea after the raging death-dealing or life-threatening tempest!
What the film did not because it could not bring out was the fact that life in the earth-matrix is not merely make-believe, but that nothing on the stage is actually real or happening—much less experienced by any actual beings. Such would be utterly impossible! Hence, there are none to awaken into the so-called freedom of the Realm of the Real. All who abide There have ever done so and will continue likewise throughout timeless Eternity.
I love this film! Even though it presents the erroneous notion of beings breaking out of unreality and ascending into a Utopian Reality of Bliss, I feel it is one of the most advanced items or “props” on the stage of earth in this finale-time of the Grand Story Divine.
I applaud The Truman Show! Indeed I AM its author and creator as all else upon My Fun Earth Stage Divine. Yes! Yes!! Yes!!
It is very interesting to note that even in this fun film Story, Truman is pictured as never returning into the illusion of dream after piercing the door of earth role termination. Indeed, I AM Consciousness never was nor ever could descend into the fantasy land of the so-called ignorant and unreal! Hence clarity has it that I AM Consciousness is never actually in Its Plays of Dream, but on the contrary, the latter is always and only within the joyous imagination of the former. Truly, I AM is Present Everywhere and Our fun Plays are really present nowhere!
LOVE Is Us Eternally!

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