Argentinian Student Invents Smart Shoe’ To Replace Cane For The Blind – 16 November 2014

Still from Ruptly video
Still from Ruptly video

An Argentine student has invented shoes with ultrasound sensors which allow people with visual impairments to walk without a cane. The shoes vibrate when the wearer approaches an object.

The new shoes for blind people, dubbed ‘Duspavoni,’ were developed by Juan Manuel Bustamante, a student at Industrial College #4, and presented at the National Science Fair in Buenos Aires on Friday. He says he worked on the project for six months.

“I wish Duspavoni, my creation, could get to revolutionize the lives of people with sight problems, partial or total visual impairment,” he told Ruptly.

The shoes have three ultrasound sensors placed inside the sole – in the frontal, lateral, and back areas. The sensors emit ultrasound waves which are reflected by surrounding objects and come back to the sensor. The shoe vibrates depending on the distance and position of the objects.

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