Sophia Love – Seeing Through The Illusion – 21 November 2014

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The media’s blatant fear storm is a magician’s illusion: “Keep your eyes over here” while the real action occurs elsewhere. There is no doubt this manipulation is a true part of our reality; what is not so clear is what we are creating as a result of it.

The creative power of your intentions is everything. Your thoughts, feelings, fears and desires are what’s at stake, here. You have an inherent power that can never be taken from you. It can, however, be used and purposely directed by those skilled in the art of distraction.

The ad and media industries are both trillion dollar industries. Because of this, they have the power to control our actions and orchestrate our emotions while reaching into our minds, our hearts and our wallets. Perhaps we all understand this, yet we have no idea how to stop it.

It can be stopped with your conscious focus. Here are some steps to follow:

1. Expose the magician’s trick by looking where he isn’t pointing.
2. Keep a firm hold on your mind, your heart and your wallet, and only open them in carefully vetted places.
3. Stop believing in the illusion. This will make it disappear.The key to any change is clarity of intention and purpose. When a new trick, false flag or detour shows up – acknowledge the falsity, then remember where you are headed and forge on.

By following these steps, you are defining a new way. This way is illuminated with the radiance of your truth, rather than headlines and profit margins. This road is for those of us who know another way exists. It will be defined not by one person, a corporation or the government, but by all of us.

Despite what the news says, we are systematically ushering in global revolution that cannot be stopped. We are no longer focused on “us vs. them,” but rather how we can inspire and accomplish creative lives for the benefit of us all. Your hearts are doing that each time you support positive effort.

The most powerful action you can take right now is any recognition and expansion of love-based action. Avert your attention from actions based on fear. The magician is clever and has a goal – he wants you to believe his magic, so you’ll tell your friends and increase its effect.

A new paradigm is being created, and we are directing it. Manifest and expect love, then watch what happens. At first invisible, like a seed beneath the ground, it’ll soon sprout through – and one day you’ll witness not one, but a field of flowers. Patiently refuse to observe anything but love. This is why you are here.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

~Sophia / link to original article

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