Lisa Gawlas – Aware Is NOT Awake!! Stillness vs Action! – 22 November 2014

lisagawlas2It is so interesting and might I add, incredibly informative to see contrast on the field and understand things in ways I personally couldn’t, except thru you.  The majority of my connections yesterday, landed in day 1 of the new fully functional field of life.  There is that precious one who gave us much-needed contrast and understanding too.  That is where I want to focus this sharing at.

She was on the ground, off-center to the left (reverse instead of forward standing) tossing out handful after handful of energy from the south to the southwest that produced nothing except for a very pretty visual for me to look at.  Her field was as if I was looking at if from dusk, not bright, but not completely without light either.  She is an amazing, loving Being… the husband and teenage son that surrounds her casts a shadow so large, the light has nowhere to go.

There is two parts to this crazy game we are in.  Yes, one is learning our energy field, how to work it, how to assist others who desire the assisting… but we cannot change nor help those who really have no desire to change or be helped.  Your energy work ends up going out the window, no doubt, finding those who are open to the assistance, but when you surround yourself with angry, hateful people, there is no wind beneath your wings to lift you up.

As I was watching her trying all she knew how to do to cast light upon the darkness she lives within, I could see her husband and her son, both emitting such an anger, each in their own way, and completely blocking the energy inflow from the west field.

This is where personal choice is more key than any type of energy we can use.  Either get out of an oppressive situation or get them out, spirit will not, cannot do these things for you.  We are the ones in the game and surrounding ourselves with the energy, with the courage to do something radically different, in the greatest interest of all… is key.  Action!!  Physical body action!!!

Now to change the subject just a bit… we tell ourselves the craziest stories, justify why others may appear dark (meaning, judgemental, separate and self-absorbed) maybe so we can oh, not my responsibility to shed light or get tangled up in an angry machine.  Maybe that is why so much on the earth plane seems crazy when you look out the proverbial window.  The thought of well that’s the way its suppose to be is freakin bullshit, but it sure can make us comfortable in doing nothing different except maybe playing with energy and hoping something will change.

If we are the divine change makers, and we are, then we need to be active in our world, not just sitting back tossing light around to closed bodies.  We can wish for change all we want, but unless we take action, do something… then nothing changes.  How many of us were activated during this lifetime to change… usually because our worlds in some way, completely fell apart.  We had to do something different, we sought others to help us become different.  As much as I am a HUGE proponent of meditation, it really comes down to application and living in our biological lives.  We can meditate all day long and change nothing in our world, in our day to day physical lives and nothing changes…  Application and constant action is the key to change, first within yourself, then outwards.  There is not a soul living on this precious earth who did not come into this life to change from  the depths of separation the unified field of Light.  Especially during this time of accelerated frequency that is bleeding out to all the earths.

So, take a real moment of inventory within yourself… if you are justifying those who perpetuate separation and inhumanity, you too are walking with your eyes closed to the Light of change that is needed.

It all comes right down to something my team shook into my awareness several years ago… Aware is NOT awake!!  You can lay in bed aware you are no longer sleeping, but when you know you are awake, you get out of bed… taking action!!

If we are living heaven on earth, Being awake means we do not need the contrast of darkness, of intense duality to help us remember Who and What we Are.  Awareness does.

On that note, my day begins….

Big big action filled ((((HUGZ)))) to go where others fear to tread!!!

Lisa Gawlas / link to original aritcle


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