Lisa Gawlas – The PowerHouse Of 2015: Cinderella Merges With Glenda The Good Witch!! – 22 November 2014

lisagawlas2Not to long ago… days if I am remembering correctly… our nerves felt like they were being shredded to pieces, only to be replaced by excitement and bursting joy for no apparent reason.  I gotta say, the latter sure as hell feels better than shredded nerves!!  However, I do understand both, now that it’s all in hindsight of course.

A rapid acceleration occurred for many.  An acceleration that would have taken us another month and a half to complete, instead, we did it in triple time.  One of the most overlooked system in this amazing body of ours is the nervous system, a place that does its best to keep pace with our changes and not completely send us off the deep end.  If we can look at the significance of this past week as if we were on a treadmill… we were walking along with the tread set to one mile per hour and then suddenly and without conscious warning, someone turned the knob up to 25 miles per hour.  The first thing your gonna do is get pissed as your whole body struggles to keep pace with the new intense speed, then you go into what is known as runners high… especially since your whole body is now participating and keeping up.  Go us!!!!

During this time, I watched the readings and the field change.  I stopped seeing the biological form that is you and started to see the true light body that is you.  The energy line I call 2015 that has been constantly 20 feet above the ground started to get closer, first 10 feet, then yesterday, 2 feet above us.  We choose massive, accelerated change by the choices we put into play, by the emotions that stay in the forefront of our hearts… nothing else.

So I had to wonder… why would a group of us be pulled off our onward path to accelerate more quickly than was planned?  Ohhhh the hidden energy of December.  The choice points of the end o this year feels 10 times bigger than they were at the end of 2012.  Of course, we got to here with a tremendous amount of responsibility in our cells.  The responsibility to serve our fellow-man, to help, to love, to move out of judgement and separation and fully recognize each other as the Light of God (Creator, Source…)  A prime example of the courage it takes to serve our fellow-man and woman (smile) is our beautiful, light serving (most of the time lol) president Barrack Obama.  To stand up and stand out and say, screw you, I am gonna find a way to do it anywayz… speaking on immigration reform, serving our fellow-man not prosecuting them for being born in the wrong country and desiring something more…  Kuddo’s to you Mr President!!  He too, has made the leap into the 2015 frequencies.  If you’re hating on him, may you find the light thru December!!!

So the hidden energies of December is threaded with challenges for those still wrought with separation and even self-sabotage to choose again.  For those of us who made the leap, it is not without purpose.  Granted, we will not have those challenges because we do not need them, but we have been put into positions to assist, to shed light upon the darkness of separation and self-sabotage.  Self sabotage… doing things directly in misalignment to your own higher good.  The core of these actions is unworthiness of the good, of the wonder that could come from the opposite choice.

I do not even know what happens to those so stuck in their ways to continue being separate from the light of spirit.  I know in 2012 the choice points came down to long roads of do-overs, but spirit isn’t saying a damn thing this time.  So lets really look at what I do know and was so amazingly revealed in the last connection I had yesterday.

For the 5 people on my timeline, my dateline, I couldn’t see anything.  One person did show the light of expansion and the vibrational frequency of 2015 being two feet above the ground with the understanding that we are now embedding the light frequency of this higher light, expanded frequency into our cells, into the new form of biology that we will awaken within in the morning (for those on my dateline, that would be today.)  However, as I had noticed this pattern in the past, when we are at the last day of a massive shift, someone from either Australia or New Zealand is on my agenda as the last appointment of the day, so it was yesterday too.  I was looking forward to connecting with her with bated breath, knowing we would get a wonderful glimpse of what all this means to us since she was in the morning of the day after (the 21st dateline instead of the 20th.)

Sometimes, I get so damn excited by what I see and understand thru your soul light, I have a hard time keeping it together.  She was up there on the Richter scale of massive excitement in my heart.

At first she was wisps of light standing upon the energy frequency of 2015, I know spirit let me see this to orient myself with what I felt to be true, she made it!!  Then, they started to super impose two images of her on that frequency:

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And just for the record, both gowns were pure white, that glowing, alive white of unlimited spiritual dress!!  The fact that they were overlaid on top of each other, we can look at this amazing vibrational increase as Cinderella(goes to the Ball) meets the Wizard of Oz!!

Ohhh and here is an added insight… For Cinderella, the power of transformation was always within her, she simply had to detangle from the matrix in which she was placed.  Have you??

No doubt, our cells are ready for the ball!!  Our souls are so ready to be Glenda!!  For those struggling to free themselves from the duality, inner conflict, separation and judgement, use this wonderful poster I have seen floating around facebook that really goes with this precious, profound, empowering moment:

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YOU HAVE NO POWER HERE!  For those who made the leap and stay planted in the super high frequency I am going to continue to call 2015, no truer words were ever plastered on a poster!!

Now lets take a closer look at that wand… which remained in my face thru her reading.  Lets change it up a bit… the wand part itself was a metallic flaked silver.  Silver being the highest vibration of earth energy there is, I found it interesting that the entire wand itself was as if someone shaved metal and glued it onto the stick…

The star itself, gold, the highest vibration of spirit energy available, but also, intense magnetic frequency too.  So, the metallic energy of the wand meets the magnetic pull of the star, our creator energies to the hilt!!  I am hoping we all have one of these and if we do, it’s up to each person to learn how to use it!

If all this wasn’t bursting my excitement level, spirit gave me a very unique view… we looked under her skirt!!  Both versions of her had that big hoopy skirt at the bottom of her gown and then I was brought back to my massage days, something I had seen in many a massage session, but really had no idea what it all meant to us… until now.

Many people think of the root chakra as a single energy moving in and out of the groin.  Not!!  Thru the readings on my massage table over 7 years, I started to see what the root chakra was really made of.  First, three major systems, one at the groin, but also, one down each leg and coming out of the arch of the foot.  Then to my puzzled and astounded eyes, I started to see these tubule  like thingies that would create a hoop like skirt around your waist.  The only thing I ever really understood about them was the connection or plug-in point to every life ever lived.

While I was looking up the skirt of my lady yesterday, I really got to see the purpose of these energy tubules.  They connect to not only every life we ever lived on this planet (past, future and present) they also connect via the heart of Gaia, to every other planet and system we currently or have ever or will ever live upon.  For those now residing on the full spectrum energy field I am calling 2015, now we can use these tubules at  Will.  Meaning, anything and everything we have ever learned, as we activate the heart frequency, it pulls in the knowing from that tube.  As we master it (whatever it is to you) those tubes will merge together and create larger tubes, less individual as we merge them.  My lady from yesterday had at least a hundred, if not more (I am not spending the time to count lol) and spirit said it will take years to merge them all… but what fun in doing so!!!

And so, here we are, fully dressed for the Ball, magic in our wands… and a new day, a new life begins!!

I love you and celebrate you… thank you for always allowing me to accelerate thru your personal jet stream!!!

((((((HUGZ)))) of loving bliss to ALL!

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