Sophia Love – Humanity’s Secret Weapon: 3 Facts – 22 November 2014

SophiaLoveNewThis period in our collective history is remarkable and unprecedented. What we are on the verge of today/now is something that’s never been done.

The story is told in many places and with a variety of voices, yet the common theme remains. The human was seeded and its creators or their descendents have pretty much run things here ever since. At one point an “experiment” was initiated which put the human on a quest for enlightenment while in the grips of control; all beyond our conscious awareness. This experiment is reaching its conclusion.

We’ve made a choice now to run things ourselves. We have never done so. The impact of that may or may not be understood, but it is universally felt. Its time to get our act together.

This may mean little more than looking at situations we find ourselves in as if we put them there (as opposed to feeling that they “happened to us”). The implications for this start with something as intimate as what we had for breakfast and reach out to include global conflict. If there is a decision that touches you in any way, you’ve had some part in the creation of it.

What you may be unaware of is your power in all of this. It is:

  1. uniquely human
  2. the part of the equation that no one counted on or expected
  3. largely unrecognized/untapped

Before deducing that this is due to yet another conspiracy, consider this: the elements combined to create the human had never “met” before – humanity was/is experimental on multiple levels. The emotional generator you possess is not seen elsewhere. This is the reason that other races and species are interested in and observing humans – visiting and communicating via “channeling”. There is a great deal of interest in and speculation about what we are going to do next.

As we look beyond ourselves (to channelers from the stars) for solutions – those we reach out to look to us for those same answers. If there is a subtle manipulation in these repetitive hopeful messages of “soon” – it may be intentionally placed there to create within us a more positive direction. We may be the only ones not consciously aware of the secret ability we harbor within. It is in the emotional energy we use to direct our expectations that our power resides. Our emotions are our secret weapon and greatest treasure. They source creation here and once harnessed they alter our world.

It’s not like we haven’t known this all along, we have. Instinctively we reach for encouragement and love from each other. In this way, we support individual and collective growth.

As we grab the reins of this planet we will do so with the full force of our emotional power. Acknowledging our unique ability – owning our human potential – will serve us and whatever actions we take. The very fact of our humanity serves as a beacon for hope and untapped potential across the universe. There is no other who is more equipped for this than you.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.


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