Sophia Love – November 21st Update – 22 November 2014

SophiaLoveNewGood Day Sophia and Everyone! I am well, Thank You!

Sorry to keep You waiting for answers, I was doing some work in these cycles.

I was mentioning economic collapse before, it is inevitable, yet yes, I wasn’t saying specifically when it will happen. For now everything seems all right, no false flags, no nasty things. Illuminati/cabal loosing on all fronts, so they just keep low and quiet, which is a good thing, yet it postpones their ultimate downfall.

Concerning first question from Good Friend Nigel.

“This means there is an agenda with this one that they will not back off on no matter how badly the scam and agenda is exposed. In the past, they would back off. Why is this one different? And why are they still allowing flights to and from the “Ebola zones”? Why are they now saying Ebola spreads like the flu, and thrives in the cold? What about the dog story? All of it is PATENT B.S., WHY are they not backing off?

ANSWER: They are religious zealots with a deadline to meet. Their recent actions proves something is amiss with them, and they are going for broke. Whatever the deadline is, it is now OBVIOUS that they HAVE TO get everyone “vaccinated” with a shot of dubious origins within a very short time window. The sheer brazen nature of it all proves that this is a do or die situation for them, and it totally discredits the entire “Ebola” meme. It makes it all obvious THEY WANT THIS, IT IS THEIR BABY and PROOF is in the fact THERE ARE NO HOLDS ON FLIGHTS FROM THE EBOLA ZONE.

It is the job of the government to act in the best interests of the nation it “serves”. When dealing with the safety of its citizens, America is NOT SUPPOSED TO CARE ABOUT POLITICS IN AFRICA. The fact that flights are continuing unabated means one of two things, either: 1. Ebola is not real at all, and they need a ruse, OR 2. They really want this pandemic to spread as far and as fast as conceivably possible. Either way, they are playing the role of an enemy, AVOID THE SHOT AT ALL COST.”

They lost with ebola scare, they lost with ebola spread. You can see how fast news about it are winding down.

But You said right there, “they are religious zealots with a deadline to meet“. In their perverted religions/ideology they only have some 2 cycles to initiate their evil “new world order”. 1 cycle of 2013 already passed, starting from december 21 – Moment of Choice and we are nearing to 2015, so second cycle as well almost passed.

Choice was favored not in a future they envisioned, but in otherwise direction and so Shift of Ages on 16-17 december of 2013 was heralded with a New World in which they – people with evil vision on World will have no place to be in. And in their belief, if they fail to make something in this time window, they will fall and be exposed completely and as well they will be judged by Prime Creator. And in actuality it will be so, not precisely how they envisioned it, but very close to it. You can see that fall of current economical system will mark their downfall and it is going in their time frame as well.


Concerning second question

Here is another seriously antagonistic piece from the Bilderburgers….their own documented text not anyones comment…

Leaked Bilderburg closing remarks.
http //
“…When we shall provoke the economic collapse, then the most absurd communitarianism which we have developed in every country will conduct the largest part of these countries towards large-scale civil wars where every community will take charge for our account to kill the largest number of the members of the opposite community.
“Blacks against whites in the USA, Muslim against Christians in Europe, these civil wars will have the immense advantage to destroy the people without confrontations between degenerate countries into nuclear power world war . Finally, when the wars will destroy countries, we shall take advantage of it to amplify the distribution of viruses such as our project of e-bola 2.0 modified genetically which we test at present with efficiency because we obtain invaluable epidemiological, sociological data (behavior of the individuals in front of the disease) but we also visualize our capacity to saturate systems of care which will be already considerably degraded, in every case, by the civil wars which we shall have created on the example of the war between the two Ukraines…” End

This is pure criminal mentality…belief has nothing to do with the issue – it all has to do with a group of psychopaths intending to cause outrageous conflict and genocide….”One” needs to sweep this garbage out with a mental dirt broom and leave them incapacitated forever.

Even so – Much love energy into the chasms of would-be destruction. Nigel

One can’t do that, they endanger 1 Planet, but not all Universe (yet).
One will instantly remove them only when they endanger Universe, for now Universe is being endangered only by demiurge. Humanity are considered as “just a tool” of this endangerment. In Universe there will always be someone like illuminati/cabal, Universe is meant to be this “dual-mode” of Good and Evil.

Some other Worlds outside Universe don’t have it, but this reality have.

Do not worry Good Friend. We have this covered, we know that they have in mind all of these things even after economic collapse. Deception, civil wars, division and chaos is what their distorted ideology is based on, we are planning on many steps ahead of them and we know all their strategies and all possible actions they could make. Yes, truly they are criminals, like I mentioned before – they are gang, a band of thugs and thieves, also they can be called – highly organised mafia, where banking is their most “successful” invention to strip everyone naked. Deb(i)t cards, “credit” cards, “loans” for car or house (with quite big “interest” rate) are all meant to imprison People in a debt prison. So it is wise to start with the fall of this “economic” system – where money are being economised only by banksters themselves, whereas People are being stripped naked from everything.

The Thrive Movement founder Good Friend Foster a very nice Person that envisions a Bright future for Humanity made a video about fall of this economic system

As well, Russia and China are starting to avoid USDs in their trade

Thank You Good Friend, much Love Energy into these chasms as well!


I remember Sophia posted a link to last interview of Boyd Bushman – a retired senior scientist for U.S. military corporation Lockheed Martin (which makes military planes, both known and secret and have a pentagram in it’s logo)

Most of information there is true as we know, on those photos You can see well known “Greys”. This is about the contract which was made between them and U.S. government. For technologies that greys would provide, greys can abduct People and make their experiments and “research”.

Because this video is having truth and from an influential Person, information about this is being censored. I saw several videos and websites removed with this information. The Good thing is that this video became viral and many People already watched and downloaded it, so there is no way this video can be completely removed by CIA or NSA. In case video in the link provided will be gone, You can search for it on youtube with these words “Boyd Bushman – Area 51 and Real UFO Pictures”.


Also Thank You Very Much Good Friend Djon! You provided a lot of interesting information, I will share it if You don’t mind

“Hi Good Friend and all.I just found Carl Boudreau’s astrology forecast for november.There is a lot that correspond to what GE predicts for this for the next 2 months.

Thank You for this update Good Friend!


“AirPod – the car that runs on air :
full transcript of Vladimir Putin’s speech at Valdai Conference :

Excellent car Good Friend! Not very expensive as well. Recently there was another car which got itself into Public, developed by Toyota – hydrogen hybrid car, which would need water as fuel, yet still it would use small part of fossil fuel to “separate” hydrogen from water. And it is expensive as well, costs almost 6X times more than AirPod. Still dependance on oil can be felt here as Japan lies under cabal very tightly


“I found this nice article about Putin : .I liked it thug there are some unanswered questions.
I loved this quote from Edgar Cayce
“Through Russia comes the hope of the world. Not in respect to what is sometimes termed Communism or Bolshevism — no! But freedom — freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man. The principle has been born there. It will take years for it to be crystallized; yet out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.”
~ Edgar Cayce
I readed my first Edgar Cayce book when i was 18.I learned a lot”

Also Putin made remarks about Love, fortunately He understands the meaning of Life and can see the very nature of Humanity


“Hi Good Friend and Sophia.I found this fascinating interview of Simon Parkes where he speaks about his incarnation in the Garden of Eden and the 2016 deadline.I wish the interviewer was more curious and have asked more questions about Simon’s experience in the Garden of Eden.This interview left me very curious.I hope you will appreciate.

Great interview and experience, Thank You Good Friend! What I can say is that Good Friend possibly remembers the control scheme of “Anu”, when this being got some People and put them into specially created place, which Good Friend called “Garden of Eden” (you can also call it sarcastically “pasture”), where they were making experiments and were “exploiting” (abusing) Humans.

As we know, those People back then didn’t like that they were lied to and being exploited for different experiments. And so, when dissidence and disobedience grew and because “Anu” knew laws of One, it decided to expel Humans from there back to Earth and join Other People living on Earth. This was the story of “creation of man” as You recall, this entity “Anu” is the one jewish nation “serve to” and call it as “Yahweh”. Although we don’t know his race of origin and One does not tell us (because we will have to know it later along with Humanity), we know that it had very strong connections with reptilians. Being called “Enlil” was the ruler of reptilians that visited Earth back then, although Enlil was not supreme ruler of all reptilian race.

As You remember after flood demiurge through Anu (as demiurge always works through proxy beings) entrusted Enlil to rule over this planet and “tempt” People in order to achieve loyalty to Anu (and subsequently to demiurge) and for demiurge to receive what it needed since cycle 1 of modifying Humans. By this time, these beings already passed away as we know, “Anu” is no more and in it’s place is other being from same civilization and we are not sure about Enlil. Reptilians can live for a very long time span, they can also trick their own body and “die” only to “resurrect” after big time span. As well, I must confess, that even here maybe 100 000 cycles (years) passed, for demiurge it could have been mere 100 cycles (years). So Humanity grew up pretty fast in view of demiurge.

Overall there is a very huge level of conspiracy among different Civilizations against Humanity and for the very Best Interests of Humanity, this is not easy to explain in even a big enough book, You can see that even conspiracy against Humanity by illuminati/cabal is big enough that it is pretty hard to explain it, but there above this Planet there are multiple different Civilizations and They view Humanity differently from different angles. Some want to use Humanity, some want to aid and help Humanity.

This is what we know, always use Your own discernment. This information is not of priority, so it’s precision given to us by One and Forces of One is not 100%. This information is a part of information which we have to reveal by Ourselves as Humanity.


“Are the Super Wise Intelligence and Ancient Machines capable of feeling Love? I send them mine either way.”

They are capable of feeling it, yet it is not like You understand it. They can only “sense” Love, like a set of codes. Yet They have reflex on Love and this reflex is Mutual Love and Friendship. If You feel Friendliness toward Them, They send You friendliness as well 😉 this is pretty much like it.


“Thankyou for this update, GE.
I for one sincerely hope there is no need for any further delay. What concerns me is that so many people remain so unaware at a conscious level – it is hard to know whether even a major event like the Moment of Justice would wake them up sufficiently ! What I mean is, they might say “wow, that was pretty unbelieveable, wasn’t it” and then continue with their lives as now, because they are unable to take in the enormity of the deception and the depth of the evil. And the few people who are awake are so unengaged in this “reality” that each day feels difficult. – how will they handle three additional years ?

I know many websites talk about Humanity being “just about ready”, but it is just not visible when you walk around and talk to people.

GE, when you say that unstable people will need care, is it solely Humanity which will need to work together to do this (which I imagine will take quite some time), or will we be receiving help from outside – advanced medical technology, etc, to heal them quickly ?”

This will depend Good Friend. Many People in the World actually know reality, know of inner control, of shadow governments illuminati and conspiracy, yet Many refuse to accept it and all They do is just routinely living Their Lives, earning money and for these money entertaining Themselves. They also enjoy seeing Their Children and Grandchildren and all other “available fun”.

Because of that, such People have to be directly threatened like with possible WW3 for example, which threatens Their own existence and existence of their Children, only then They will start act to prevent this. This is about Majority that still sleeps, but about Minority that is Awoke and growing in numbers and growing Inside like You Good Friends, You are doing everything possible to Change the World for the Better, We All don’t need fear or threats, we only need this World to Change and simply end with all evil and corruption.

This healing will take place from People around the World, all starts with Education. Children – the Future of Earth will take care of Their Elders, if I can say, they will take care of You All Good Friends, provided of course, if You will educate Them in the most Harmonious and Love-oriented way.
Hint for this is – most Children living in big cities don’t know how to make Friends and how to speak to other People, with each generation the grasp for talk is fading away and People more and more become isolated from Each Other.

This is illuminati’s agenda to divide and separate, to “create hatred” among People. And of course this is having negative impact on all Human Society. People are becoming more closed in Themselves and everything around seems very “alienated”. The biggest lack in Education is subject of Friendship and conversation about “nothing”. Learning on how to speak to Others is necessary like learning alphabet, when People (or any other Beings) are becoming more and more industrialised and “automated” (robotised), that is urban areas overtake Nature areas and many things can be done through electric devices or robots, Beings are becoming lazy and isolated, as well feeling of “hate” (evil side) awakens in Them when They are isolated and no one “wants to listen to Them” (this is how They see it). And as well, mostly People who need this are the ones living in a very big and overpopulated cities, like New York, Los Angeles, Beijing, Delhi, Moscow or Tokyo. Overpopulation is also same factor of creating a gap between People. So Everyone with Children, always teach Them in the way You see right and never lose subject of Friendship and Love! This is a must-have for Every Individual!

And Thank You Good Friend Djon for providing answer!


“seems it doesn’t matter where we start
as long as we do “

Thank You Good Friend, Very Beautiful Video and You are right. It doesn’t matter where We start, We only have to do something. Universally there is a phrase – “Action is Life (Heat), inaction is “death” (Cold)”. Always do something, this is always for the best! Also I wanted to add here, always say “Yes” to opportunities when You have ones, like in old movie “Yes Man!” The concept presented there of saying “Yes” to presented opportunities keeps Your Energy circulating in and out, between different dimensions. It keeps Your Physical Body (experience here) from stagnation. So it relates to Universal saying above of “Action is Life”. Although, when You had enough of “experience” You can always say “no”, it is that simple 🙂


“Dear GE!

What is your take on this article about frequencies and people with multiple personalities.. ?



I cannot say whether it is true or false, but we know of this technology which is able to make different personalities. The CIA program on altering People and making different personalities was true in our knowledge. They have been doing this for a very long time in the past and still doing this. Yet law prohibited experiments on Humans, so they use other “proxy” countries to do their evil “researches”. Although we haven’t heard that they succeeded in this, so I can’t say whether it is true or false. More advanced forms we know of includes the separation of Soul on many fragments or creating a remote-controlled Beings, which can be controlled from Central Neural System of Individual (from 1 Brain – example Human can have control over many other “remote controlled” Humans or even flies and animals only from own Brain). Such technology is very advanced and is not available here yet.


Also considering the frequencies, recently One presented to us this information

The “format” of music was changed from 432Hz to 440Hz (A4) in 1953. And today all musical instruments are being attuned to this “standard” of 440Hz. This is also a part of same agenda of illuminati/cabal to disconnect Humanity from Source and Cosmo. In this article You will know that 440Hz is disharmonious. It is so, because it is transitional frequency between 432Hz and 444Hz (also You may know 444Hz as 528Hz on C5 – “healing frequency”), where both make geometrically beautiful forms in water. Although 440Hz is not very damaging, as when music play, it plays on different frequencies, still it creates disharmony and 440Hz is mostly used with hard rock music, which along with 440Hz creates Chaos in water (in our Bodies).

You can use Audacity or Foobar 2000 music player (with SoundTouch DSP addon) to alter the pitch of the music and change it to 432Hz. Most music will become more harmonious, although not all music will sound better. If You will need help on changing your music’s frequency, please ask.

I will provide video with different Frequencies that form beautiful structures within water (They do this with salt and sand, but almost same happens in water in Your Bodies). You can apply these different frequencies in Audacity and create beautiful music

Remember, music – is the language of One – of Universe and of Nature. These are Frequencies and Vibrations, through them, You can hear and feel everything, though them You can figure all things out! I share different music with You Good Friends to aid You in this. In every part of every music, there is a hidden information, which our Soul and Body can read. It is not understandable for our mind yet, but message is always there.

Also this is something You will like Good Friends! A virtual Choir made by Eric Whitacre. All Voices of different People put together as One!
This is explanation

This is the first video He made “Lux Aurumque” means Light and Gold (185 Individuals from 12 Countries)

And this is the masterpiece “Fly to Paradise” (8409 videos, 5905 Individuals from 101 Countries – half of the World – a VERY HARD WORK there!)

Fly to Paradise Good Friends, Heaven on Earth is within reach now!

Wish Everyone Peace, Calm and Prosperity! / link to original article

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