Sophia Love – Glimpses Of Oneness – 23 November 2014

SophiaLoveNewThis journey we are collectively taking does not begin at a starting gate and cross a finish line as if in a race. It is more a meandering…

Yes we are born here and one day will die, yet we do not know the length of this momentary life. If in fullness you embrace each now, you will catch a glimpse of eternity. In a perpetual dream state, there are some fleeting images and others that seem to regenerate tirelessly.

We are not built to “hurry this along” or “get there first”. We are, instead, here to absorb every nuance available; to accumulate a knowing of creation. Like sponges, with absorption there is a fullness. What spills out then is our knowing and the cycle begins anew. Saturated with awareness as creator sponges, we continue to allow for this knowing. Thus, excess creative drops are dispersed.

Still ours, yet “separate” from us. These sponge drops of creation can be observed now, as the absorption continues. Each piece complete unto itself, as well as part of the whole. There is a point, a moment, a realization that comes – “We are One”.

Glimpses of Oneness seep into our sponge self unbidden. This knowing cannot be called forth as it was never apart from you, just hidden. Once realized, desire emerges. It is the ultimate in satisfaction; complete awareness rests there. It waits for your discovery of itself. Patiently, joyfully and eternally this knowing is the very essence of creation – Your Eternal Essence.

Like memories of your first love, you hold these glimpses of Oneness deeply, fondly, and longingly. Found once, your existence can no longer be disputed. You are both weaver and cloth, weaving your thread into the fabric of creation with every now.

This human thread is held in the hands of Master Weavers. With skill and a willingness to take risks, true artistry emerges now. Self realizations simultaneously erupt universally and creation itself realizes its truth. We are unlimited.

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

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