Deadline Deferral? Iran Nuclear Talks Likely To Extend Beyond Nov 24 – 24 November 2014

RT logoIran and six world powers are not likely to reach an agreement in Vienna on Tehran’s nuclear program, various sources claim, adding that the talks will be extended ahead on Monday’s deadline, less than 24 hours away.

The six world powers’ foreign ministers have arrived for the final round of negotiations on Tehran’s nuclear program.Their presence may give new impetus to the talks, which still fail to bear fruit so far.

The talks, which have lasted for more than a year, focus on Iran’s nuclear ambitions – the country’s uranium enrichment capacity and the lifting of sanctions slapped on Tehran in 2012 over its nuclear program. The sides were due to come to an agreement November 24.

However, since Sunday various sources have been claiming that the negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program might be extended ahead of Monday’s deadline, as it became apparent that the sides wouldn’t be able to strike a deal to break the deadlock.

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