Lisa Gawlas – My Own Morning Wake Up Call… – 25 November 2014

lisagawlas2I just wanted to share a little quickie about my morning experience, it really helped me to see the bigger picture of yesterdays sharing and obviously, was very important to experience and share to our teams, I wasn’t going to put out a sharing today.

As I started to come out of sleep and become aware of myself in bed, in the process of waking up, with crystal clear clarity, I heard my team, once again speaking directly above me, saying to me “you are aware you’re not sleeping any longer.”  The first thing I thought, what a strange way to be greeted in the morning, but man oh man, it was cold outside of my covers and I had no desire to get up yet and I thought to myself, yup, I am aware of not being asleep at this moment, give me 5 more minutes… and I closed my eyes and went straight back to sleep.

When my eyes opened once again, I got schooled on how this relates to most people on this crazy, wild, uncomfortable path of “awakening.”  The illusion of density is like a warm blanket that you are familiar with.  As we start to awaken, we realize the air is quite different than the reality we were told was real, and altho we may get “it” the old familiar covers… the illusion, is safer, warmer, we (think) we know the rules of illusion and it asks little of us.  Beyond the covers, the wind is constantly blowing, brisk and breezy and beyond that, we are asked to stand naked in that wind, fully exposed to who we are and who and what we are remembering we are. (thats a lot of “we are’s” in one sentence, isn’t it lol.)

I fell back to sleep yet again.  I even thought to myself, I really don’t feel like writing a blog today, I am going to sleep in.  When I woke up one more time, my teams voice got quite loud and said “are you awake now??”  What the hell?  I suppose so… “then get up and DO something.”  I reluctantly crawled out of my warm covers into the 58 degree air (I turn my heat way down at night) and headed for the bathroom.  Priorities, ya know!! lol  Service to Self is always first and foremost!! lol

The moral of the story/experience.  We can read a shit ton of books, spend all day in meditation, go to this class or that class, attend activation after activation (that are fleeting, at best) but until we get up and DO something… we remain aware that we are no longer sleeping, in the warmth of the illusion that surrounds us, but have not moved into the awakened state of action!!

Action: Share you journey, turn knowledge into wisdom by living it, touch a stranger, dare to stand naked in front of the world, knowing, no matter how much shit got you to Here, you are radiant and beautiful BECAUSE of it all!!  Dare to be seen and heard for the Soul in body that you are!!  And always know when silence is the best action ever!!

Have an amazing action filled day covered in the (((((((((((HUGZ))))))))) of spirit!!

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