Sophia Love – Being In Oneness – 25 November 2014


For this week of Gratitude, I’d like to share some powerful, beautiful work with you, work I am extremely grateful for as I walk this road of consciousness.
For the next 3 days take a visual journey, courtesy of my gifted friends at BRAVE Mandala.The CHAK-DALA in the photo above is the first of the 3, and is meant to be absorbed visually. Enjoy.See you tomorrow,



Welcome to CHAK-DALA Quest….buckle up your precious, gorgeous self and soul. The visual ride begins now!

“I salute the light within your eyes where the whole universe dwells. For when you are at that center within you and I am at that place within me, we shall be one.”

– Chief Crazy Horse, Oglala Sioux, 1877

We are modeling CHAK-dala Quest after our friend Sophia’s “Love Quest”. They are both about the journey into our selves and into Love. Sophia does her’s through her exquisite artistry with words, our version is through the art of Mandala….CHAK-dala.

This is our first foray into doing public and/or guided work with our CHAK-dalas and our work is always in a “State of Flux”.

We are spacing the Quest out over a week to let ideas and energies breathe. Because everything is a process even break-out, over-night successes are years and lifetimes in the making. This Quest, this journey is about standing in One-ness with the Vast-ness of the universe.

Disclaimer: we take every liberty with the words we use. Working with the energy of mandala and all its tendril-like connections…. is an area that needs new and more language to express what we are doing and sharing.

If we use the word prayer it has nothing to do with religion, when we use the word power, it has nothing to do with politics or electricity, maybe your own personal governing or personal electricity, but that is yours. Yours is up to you and only You.

Our intention is to gently steer you toward an experience of your true greatness by showing you reflections of you in sacred color and art.

The theme(s) this week is ONEness, COherence and VASTNESS.

1.Today is about being in our ONE-ness.

ONE-ness with the many parts of our selves. This goes beyond being a mother, a professional athlete, a healer, a man or a woman, etc.   This is about rooting into our selves as spirit.

Allow yourself to go to your roots, in the mandala, in your heart……..

integrating our selves in light.


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Our specialty is our personal CHAK-dala.
We custom create and encode them for you, to show you your magnificence.

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