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Sophia Love – Coherence – 26 November 2014


Today again my friends at BRAVE Mandala will explain the journey you’ll take with the Chak-dala  above…

Todays Mandala is about Coherence. This quote was part of the inspiration for it:

“The pollution of the planet is only an outward reflection of an inner psychic pollution: millions of unconscious individuals not taking responsibility for their inner space.”

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Laura Bruno – A Prayer For Peace – 26 November 2014

Time to bring out some Tina Turner again:

A Vedic blessing for the world:

Oṃ. sarveśāṃ svastir bhavatu;

sarveśāṃ śāntir bhavatu;

sarveśāṃ pūrṇaṃ bhavatu;

sarveśāṃ maṅgalaṃ bhavatu

“May everyone enjoy well-being;

may everyone enjoy peace;

may everyone enjoy fullness;

may everyone enjoy auspiciousness.”

www.laurabruno.wordpress.com / link to original article

Magenta Pixie – The Individualised Matrix Field (Horizontal Rainbow Bridge Pathway & The Flower Of Life Formation) – 26 November 2014

Uploaded on 23 November 2014 by Magenta Pixie

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Lisa Gawlas – A Glimpse Thru The Portal Of Upper December Energies… – 26 November 2014

lisagawlas2Man, one day I am being schooled before I even get my eyes completely open, today, I slept like there was no tomorrow and woke up after 7am.  But I am determined to put this understanding out, so please bear with me if it sounds rushed, it is.

My last reading of the day on Sunday gave us all so much to chew on, so much more than I realized in that moment.  Sometimes, we can see things and even try to understand those things, until we move into our own similar experience, there is no way to fully understand it’s depth. Continue reading

Keiser Report: Financial Engineering – 26 November 2014

Uploaded on 25 November 2014 by RT

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Steve Lendman – NATO’s Dark Side – 26 November 2014

StevelendmanUS-led NATO reflects pure evil. Threatening world peace. Seeking global dominance through one ravaged country at a time.
Comprised of over 70 members and partners. Over one-third of world nations. On every continent except Antarctica. Doing America’s bidding.
Run by its Deputy Secretary-General, Alexander Vershbow. A former Assistant Defense Secretary for International Security Affairs.
Clinton’s National Security Council European Affairs director. A former US ambassador to Russia.

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EU Unveils $390Bn Plan To Revive Europe’s Ailing Economy – 26 November 2014

RT logoEU Commission President Jean-Claude Junker has unveiled a $390 billion (€315 billion) investment plan to stave off recession and jumpstart the sluggish European economy.

The European Commission plan will make billions of euros available for investment projects throughout the 28-nation bloc, with a heavy emphasis on financing for infrastructure, small businesses, education, youth employment, and telecoms.

Investment will for the most part be private; Juncker foresees €252 billion in new private money. The EU will provide €21 billion for a special fund to be managed by the European Investment Bank (EIB) which it will allow it to give out €63 billion in loans. Of the €21 billion, the Commission is putting up €8 billion from the EU budget and the EIB €5 billion.

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