Lisa Gawlas – A Glimpse Thru The Portal Of Upper December Energies… – 26 November 2014

lisagawlas2Man, one day I am being schooled before I even get my eyes completely open, today, I slept like there was no tomorrow and woke up after 7am.  But I am determined to put this understanding out, so please bear with me if it sounds rushed, it is.

My last reading of the day on Sunday gave us all so much to chew on, so much more than I realized in that moment.  Sometimes, we can see things and even try to understand those things, until we move into our own similar experience, there is no way to fully understand it’s depth.

On Sunday, once again everyone that was in my “day” or date of 11/23 all were in quantum soup and I could not see their energy in my back yard where the readings unfold.  I was not down at all, spirit just said, I cannot read quantum change while it’s in change, makes sense to me.  So I had wonderful conversations with everyone and much to my surprise so much was presented, I could see in my kitchen, the place that represents the biological field of creation (where outside is all soul light.)  Teams were yapping, information flowing in ways we would have never ever looked thru a “reading.”  Spirit said several times, sometimes, conversation is more important than the reading.  I rescheduled everyone!

My last man of the day was in New Zealand, he was into tomorrow, the 24th, I was excited cuz I got to see what this quantum soup was creating.

Strangeness!!  lol  There he was, in a still shot, what is funny, I never even realized the vision I was seeing of him was still… not until yesterday anywayz.  He was on that beautiful vibrant blue electrical line I call 2015, he was in the position of doing a cart-wheel forward.  His belly was full of this blue, I cannot even describe the depth of this blue, but i knew that the energy of Source (creator, God) is now engulfed in his entire torso, making his very pear-shaped, wide at the hips, thinner at the neck/shoulders area.  He had no head at all.  To his right about 4-5 feet was a place I suddenly realized was the change from November into December, but there was this odd-looking yellow zipper like thing laying open on the energy line of 2015.  What the hell does all this even mean???  I did everything I knew how to do to understand the zipper (I will get to his body in a moment) and our teams kept saying, I cannot see it, the vibration there is higher than my vision can see.  Well dammit.  Why tease us!!??

I could not understand fully the “cart-wheel” position, but I did get the belly, the blue pear-shaped torso, Source is now taking up residence in him (us), as him (us).  Which is why he is headless, only the human themselves need a sense of “identity” in this world, Source does not.  Source knows he (and please, I don’t want to type out he/she, I know God is genderless, or full lol) can be anything and all things in this world as needed.  We too must realize that.  We will be whatever we need to be in any given moment.

It wasn’t until yesterday did I really get the fullness of his snapshot.  After my first two attempts at reading, I realized I am completely down and cannot connect.  What is really odd, for myself, I sent everyone on my agenda an email to let them know that.  For whatever reason, I needed this day to myself and much to my own surprise, I took it.  After I knew everyone on my schedule was aware of my disconnect and rescheduled… spirit took over.

We turned on my Pandora Radio, a very eclectic mix if I do say so myself.  Every song coming on was so filled with love and my body got up and we danced and danced… for 40 straight minutes.  I could hear my team saying they love to be able to dance thru me, in me, with me… no wonder my two left feet turned into right and left!!

I realized the cart-wheel I was seeing of my man was the pure joy of togetherness of spirit within him.  My personal team has changed since my early days, and I have never individuated them since those early days, they show as one energy and speak as one voice and that’s enough for me.  But, if they all get to do their work thru us, how could we possibly have our own head filled with personal identity.  We are all things as needed in each moment.

Suddenly, there was this magnetic pull into a meditation, like a good girl, I ran a bath and went for a deep, deep dive into fuller understanding.

My team, which now includes my father, were all there, celebrating where we, where I have allowed myself to get to.  Echoing the wonder of where we are at now, but not really divulging what it means to us.  So I demanded to see beyond that zipper, the portal for those who made choices applied action in their lives to make the leap to the energy I am calling 2015.  They obliged, warning me I am still upgrading my ability to see the higher frequencies.  I don’t care, lets see what I can see.

I walked straight thru the zipper… and when I did, I felt like the energy system I was in was peeled away, fell away, much like a snake shedding its skin, only I was upright and not slithering on the ground.  As I emerged out of that old energy system, I got much larger than I ever was… energetically speaking.  I had no body, it was truly my soul system.

Spirit had said many times over this year, not only is the human going thru these expansions, so too, is our soul.  Our soul has grown from our initial incarnation, enlarged itself, expanded its ability to play directly in matter.

As I was only about 1 foot on the other side of the zipper, I could barely see what was there.  It was much like looking thru dense clouds.  Suddenly I could see three flames. like candles glowing on pedestals.  I walked over to each one, astounded to see, one was my father, one my maternal grandmother and one my maternal grandfather (both grandparents died when I was 13 and 16 respectively.)  They all had a lot to say and celebrate and stuff.

I took a picture the other day, because I was suddenly called to.  The sun was peaking thru the clouds and even when I pointed my camera up to the sun, I could not see a thing, it was too bright.  So I snapped the picture and hoped for the best.  As soon as I took the picture, the sun went right behind the clouds, so I could only take one.  But what a one it was!!

wind and orb

This was taken on the day everyone was wrapped in the winds of change, Source winds of change.  So when I looked at the photo and seen that blue line of energy, all I could feel was the winds of change being blown thru the image in the sky.  But up near the top of the tree, there is a turquoise orb.  I have taken tons of orb pictures and never seen one that color.  My father loved turquoise jewelry, it really connected him to his native american roots…  My father affirmed in my meditation that it was indeed him as the or in that picture.  But also, he embodied the Coopers Hawk that has been showing up at my windows.  He explained that he is now fully functional in his soul body and knows how to do many things and will continue to present himself to me, but with more to come.  I also realized this is true for everyone that has crossed over loved ones.

Remember, not too long ago spirit said there is no veil as we know it from the old world now, and they can manifest in ways they never have before.  Including, participating within our bodies.  Because we have been engulfed with pure source energy, they can sustain themselves within our biology, participate in life thru us as us, if we desire… if we are open to it.

I did ask my team and my loved ones to do me a huge favor, my son is going thru some challenges right now and asked them to go help him.  Their reply was not what I wanted to hear.  He squanders more gifts than he has left in his storage house.  So I pleaded with them to take some of my good karma coins from my storage and use it to help him, since in the long run, it helps me too.  We argued about this!!  So they asked me, what do I want?  I dunno… to make sure my bills are paid before and after I go to chill with my kids for the holidays??  And their snide reply was… have we ever left you dangling??  No, not once.  So we ask you again, what do you want…. man, hard question really.  I had to really think, hey wait, that Jorge guy who has long left my energy field, can I have one of him please??  Their reply really took me by surprise, “Lisa, you know you really don’t want that right now.”  Dammit, its true.  Dammit.  They did say they can throw me a playmate if I so desired, but the “Divine Counterpart” himself was going thru eliminating layers from his energy field and I could see him standing just below that energy vibration I am calling 2015, choice after choice stripping his energy away and allowing him to become more buoyant and lift upwards thru the energy of 2015.

Then they talked about how amplified this energy system will be when we actually move into 2015 itself, like a full on collision with ourSelfs.  Magical beyond even our current comprehension.

So I had to query, are we in that dense eclipse energy too.  Why cannot I not see a thing here… again, they reminded me of the rapid frequency upgrades that are happening, since a group of us were pulled upwards before schedule and the reason for that is still hidden in the murky ground of December.  But they did open up the very last of this year, this timeline and suddenly from top to bottom it became intensely yellow, a massive dump truck lifted its dumping part and unloaded all these things in my field.  Beautiful thing that I cannot tell you what they were, very much quantum energy, but I know good shit when I see and feel it.

With that, they said even we must move into the fullness of 2015 with empty storage units, and what is in there now, will be released to us before this year closes out.

So with all this, I knew spirit is now playing with us, as us, thru us and our job is to not only recognize it, but to use it, Be the embodiment of spirit in all its forms.  And play, play, play!!

I had the most bizarre and yet exciting dream experience as I woke up today, which is why I woke up late, I didn’t want to get out of the dream. But I am understanding it more each moment I am awake.

It was set right here in my landscape, at the mesa and all the way to probably beyond the main road.  The houses weren’t here, instead it was the setting of a huge festival, lots of people moving about and suddenly I could this man climbing up the side of the mesa, he stopped halfway up and suddenly… OMG, he had these series of wings that came out of his back and it changed his entire Being into soft violet, lavender and blue colors.  I couldn’t stop watching him and it seemed only I could see him.  I noticed this little kid near me and I asked, can you see that??  I don’t even remember if this kid was a boy or girl, actually felt very genderless (or full) and I rummaged for my camera and asked the kid to take pictures too.  We couldn’t get the cameras to work, and by the time we did, this amazing man gone.  My heart broke, I wanted pictures!!  The next thing I knew, I was just walking thru the area where all the people were and I recognized this man from the back… I so wanted to run up and talk to him, but didn’t and then I woke up.

There is no doubt in my heart he was some sort of ET, and now that mesa is fully and completely activated.  Whatever that means to us.

As I attempted to do my first reading today, everything still looked like that dense cloud from my meditation yesterday and I tried everything I knew how to see more… until my damn team took their hand and pushed my antenna back in my head.  HEY!!!  What the hell is that!!!  They have closed my vision, blocked my view, done a lot of things but never ever pushed my antenna back in my head!!  Their way of saying, yes we are now fully interactive and present.  The fields of change are still so high in frequency, so massive in our change, that today is not a day to look or even understand.  The pure quantum energy would fry my brains until it becomes set in matter.  Ohhh and right now, I am hearing, “there are secrets that is going to be revealed to everyone, but not until I have the ability to understand them without error.  I love secrets, especially those spiritual ones, because when secrets are revealed, we take a quantum leap in all that we are doing, with Knowing.

Stay tuned!!!

Well, my day is way past beginning but I didn’t want to leave a detail out, I hope I remembered all the important things.  I love you all so much, thank you for enduring my own upgrades so I can see and understand us more clearly.

Take today and dance, let spirit flow thru you in your dance…

(((((HUGZ))))) of quantum love to ALL!!

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