Lisa Gawlas – Sharing A Heart FULL Of Thanks – 28 November 2014

lisagawlas2I do not have anything new to report from the field, so I decided to use this moment to give thanx.  It is Thanksgiving Day in the USA, a day to spend with families, eat really huge yummy meals and now, go shopping too.  I am not doing any of that, well, not in the traditional way.  Instead, it is a day I am already spending it in the pool of reflection, an amazing reflection it is too.

I woke up with a dream fragment that is so real and so true to this moment in our lives.  I could see us, all of us connected by these crazy sharings I put out, by facebook, and we were standing on a globe, hand in hand, heart pouring into open heart, together as one Life.  One true entity living and loving on this amazing world.

I have said this many times before, but must say it again today: Without you, there would be no me.  Your love and your own desires opened doors within me I would have never reached for on my own.  I grew to here because of you.  Especially in my early years of this path, so many have pushed me out of my comfort zone, downright demanding I do readings differently.  I balked and hesitated and eventually gave in.  When you desired to know how to heal from any of the information coming thru the readings, again, you forced me out of my comfort zone of what I was just becoming familiar with, into a whole new expanded place within my self, within you.  You were the greatest catalyst for my own healing, the reflection is never a one way mirror.

The first three years of this path, my spiritual team nurtured me in the petri dish called my bathtub, the last 12 years was all you. Many different variations of you, but you none the less.

You nurture my heart and soul in ways I never could even dream was possible.  I Am me because of YOU!! I cannot even put into words the gratitude that fills me just thinking about you, your trust, your love, your enthusiasm and being an amazing witness to your ever evolving change.

If anything feels like there is no love in this world, that things are bad or getting worse, it is simply because they have not met and fallen in love with you.  I cannot see or even feel any of that, because all I feel is YOU.  The magnificent, amazing Being that is YOU.

So today, in my heart of Thanksgiving, we sup together… and I Am full and deeply blessed.

Thank you for loving me the way you do, may you feel the return of love 100 fold!!

Happy Thanksgiving wrapped in heart expanding ((((HUGZ)))))

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