‘Mexico Has To Change’: Pena Nieto Pledges Reform After 43 Students ‘Massacred’ – 28 November 2014

RT logoMexican President Enrique Peña Nieto said he will introduce constitutional reform after 43 trainee teachers were allegedly handed by police to a drug gang and then brutally murdered. He pledged to bring corrupt local authorities under the “rule of law.”

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“Mexico cannot continue like this,” Peña Nieto said in his Thursday speech to political leaders. “After Iguala, Mexico has to change,” he said, referring to the alleged murder of students in the southwestern city of Iguala on September 26.

The president came forward with a 10-point plan on reforming local authorities, who are often ill-controlled in the country’s municipalities. It is aimed at stopping the collusion between local governments, police, and gangs. The plan involves redefining powers in the penal code and adopting a special crime-battling law.

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