Lisa Gawlas – The Shift Of The Ages Is Happening THRU YOU!! – 29 November 2014

lisagawlas2Holy super Shift batman!!  I knew when we finally came out of the quantum soup things would be different, but man oh man, this is more than I bargained for!!  First of all, the sheer intensity of your frequency, of your light spectrum when I look at you creates massive light quakes in my head.  The kewl thing tho, i could actually feel the vibrational spin coming into me.  It became so intense that by the 5th reading yesterday, a virgin upon our beautiful field, and I was telling her how I work a reading… it started.  I was already rocking a huge headache from the connections prior, but hey, I am a gluten for punishment and too nosy to just say mercy!!  I couldn’t even make it thru my little speech before the reading started, her energy was pinging the ba-jesus out of me.  It got to the point I couldn’t even bear to look out my back door, where you unfold, and the imagery wasn’t even there yet, but man oh man, her radiation was!!  I apologized to her and told her there is no way I could do this reading, my wires were melting already and we didn’t even start yet!!  So I placed my face, my eyes in my kitchen and we just talked.  Well, ya cannot stop light on a mission!!

You know those pictures when you capture the individual light rays streaming in from the sun…?  That is what she was like.  I could see these light rays all coming together into my forehead.  The rays were so deeply infused with light itself, it took the metallic energy that I did recognize and changed it all together.  Every ray culminating at and moving into my forehead… ouchies!!

To understand even this little (but quite intense) glimpse, metallic energies as I see them, is the higher vibrational energies we are already using or have available to us, with the pure element of light now embedded in that spectrum, it becomes radically new, a higher velocity and dare I even say “intelligent.”

I started “seeing” again on Thursday, our Thanksgiving day here in the USA.  My ability to see and my ability to understand what is being shown thru each connection, still seems oceans apart.  The one major theme on Thursday was the lack of identity.  No one had a face I could see, it was hidden behind something in every reading.

We have a tendency to wrap an identity around ourselves, even when we do not mean to.  Things like: “I am a light worker, I am a healer, I am this or I am that… and even, to the ubber limiting things… “I cannot do this, I am not that…”  What if we just said… I Am and allow that to be enough.  No titles, no limitations… ever evolving.  Pure magic in motion!!!

Now yesterday, phew baby, it felt like we had gone into the cryptic zone, at least until the third reading in.

My first lady showed up with these big ass elephant feet… what the hell???  I could see her feet on the earth and the vibrational energy line about 6 inches from the ground and she was in both places at the same time.  The vibrational energy I call 2015 enhancing, enlarging her Presence on the earth itself.  Like all of us, we are still growing into ourselves.

My second reading, this beautiful man was engulfed in a tornado of pure radiant sun/light energy.  I have seen many a tornado show up in readings, but never once was one made out of the white light and yellow sun energy.  What the hell???

(Give me a moment, I will tie these three together.)

My third lady… sheez louise!!  There she was, laying flat-out on the vibrational energy line I call 2015, head to the start of the vibration, feet center (to my line of vision, putting that directly into the NOW.)  Her body was the same color scheme as the vibrational line, a brilliant white-blue.

I am no longer sure if my growing headache is from the light frequency being emitted, or my struggle to understand what I am seeing!!  Maybe a combination of both.

With my tornado sun man, I did get the information that he is being wrapped into a whole new expression of himself, brand new soul blue prints coming on line, cellular activation taking place.  His team also gave us the analogy of rain.  When it rains really hard and fast, the water pools up on the ground and eventually seeps into the ground.  Same is happening to him.  Beneath the ground, at the root level, the plant life are making choices about whether it will take in the nourishment and how much.  WE are doing the same.

My flat-out blue lady, something similar, yet totally different was happening to her.  What I call pure Source energy was seeping into her core, directly at the space between each vertebra and even at the ridges of the coccyx (tail bone.)  Fusing her together, Source, soul and biology.

Now lets come back to elephant feet lady, she already has ber “feet” on the ground of what she is heading into.  Altho December at the ground level is still very much hidden from my sneaky eyes, I could see her in her full, and might I add, LARGE, elephant body, midway between the ground and the 20 feet above the earth where 2015 still plays out… finding her other elephants… genuine soul family.  I could see this amazing white-yellow ring of light around her elephant body sending out signals that attracted what I can only say looked like younger, less mature elephants to her ring of light.

Elephants are very matriarchal in their society, that I got.  The divine feminine… compassionate, loving, supportive and even, directive.

And so I started to get a bigger picture… Untangling from the familial, if that is appropriate.  Setting out the vibration (thru individual action) to start connecting and communing with like frequencies (other elephants, if you will) and equally, being that ball of sunshine as well as the tough loving parent, setting boundaries and allowing those who insist on falling down… to fall down.  Not with judgement, but the wisdom that came from the times you fell down and found your way back up.

There is so much more happening, I am still piecing it all together and obviously need more connections to unlock deeper understandings!!

On that note… I love you all soul very very much.  Thank you for enduring me thru this massive and unprecedented Shift of the Ages, SHIFT of YOU!!

((((HUGZ))))) of unabated Love to ALL!!

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