Méline Portia Lafont – December Gateway – Accelerated Energies Pouring In – 29 November 2014

MélineI am starting to feel a sort of tension, not necessarily a negative one, of something big that’s coming our way, don’t you? I know you will probably say: “here we go again like so many times before”, but this feeling comes up strongly once more and we all know that these energy surges come in waves when we are ready for another shift. As this is what these feelings of tension or excitement of something big going to happen, represents : another opportunity to shift and change things profoundly in this state of the collective. But this time it feels very palpable to me and I can see things happening around me that are of an intense vibration.

All of a sudden people or situations around you flare up quickly and there is no time to think about how to react. It is as if you are being tested to see how grounded and balanced you are in being able to remain neutral and detached from that which is unfolding. It is as if you are being teased and invited to join and participate in the collective drama that is unfolding as we speak, for people are awakening and revolting against their own old culture and layers of reality. Well for some this is plain reality and we invite you therefore to stay away from that which is unfolding, to keep yourself grounded and remain based in your heart space reality. It is to no avail participating in that which must fall and shift, it is better to allow those shifts to unfold and pray for the best and highest outcome for all involved.

We, as human beings, need to learn how to detach ourselves from what is going on in this world as it is keeping our minds occupied with thoughts, opinions, anger, frustrations and emotions. It is trying to feed us precisely these and keep us as a part of the collective engaged in this all. It is way better to step out of this illusionary creation of your old self and transcend your own layers of illusion in order to assist the collective to transcend the old layers of drama and chaos that is about to become a probable reality for them. You create your own reality and so does the collective. Being a part of the collective allows you to also decide for the collective reality, thus keep yourself centered in your heart and you shall assist the collective to make more heart based decisions.

Remember it all starts initially from you so it is necessary to keep your eyes and focus on your own process of Ascension and to just let be that which is not your path: meaning other ones’ choices. This is not being self-centered, it means that you are realizing that you are a Master Being who is a God Creator in embodiment, as ALL of you are pieces of the puzzle you call God or Mother/Father God in consciousness. So you start to live within and work from that place of Being and knowing, create from this center and infuse this collective plane with your awareness of Self being God=Love.
The times of Money and power over Love are over, it has already shifted in the Ethereal Realms. This means that we have passed a threshold and that all has already been achieved in the Higher Ethereal planes of non time. It is now all about how WE will ignite ourselves with the awareness of this being so and working towards bringing it down onto this Earth. The way that we do this is through ourselves and that requires a high dose of Self Love, acceptance and allowance. The allowance through Trust in the Divine and in your True nature as a Being and Beam of Light.
We are now playing the role of Ascension gatekeepers to assure the roles of Ascension are being executed as they are supposed to be. This means that a lot is about to unfold, a lot of truth is going to come out and a profound shift on your inner plane is going to occur. Acceptance of this as fact is a part of fulfilling your role as a Gatekeeper and an Ascension Stellar wayshower. Many still struggle with the acceptance of their true nature being a Source of wisdom, and these are being tested profoundly in these times, these are encouraged to come out of their shell and accept their true nature as a Divine Being and for them to start working with their Higher knowing and abilities.
We are called to active duty here so allow the creativity and the inspirations that you feel burning within to come out and play. It wants you to do something with it and to BE who you are. Be conscious of yourself and bring yourself over here in Earth to assist consciously as the Being of Light that you are. I speak here of grounding, grounding, grounding. Release yourself from the strings of attachments for you all have way too much attachments going on, certainly during these festivities you call holidays as you remain attached to the old ways of living. Every day should be a thanksgiving day and a moment of being thankful for all and for everyone that is one with you. Every day should be a moment of LOVE and understanding of unity.
Let us embody this new way of being and build this new world through a process we call Ascension and to BE on this Earth. Beam your Light to where it is required of you to assist but only send it because you love all. Not to help or to take over or to decide what has to be done for another, but out of pure unconditional love and appreciation for all who ARE. Do not worry if you feel the pull to exist more into this life as a natural Being of Light while you do not know how to bring forth your creations, as time will surely tell. You will have to learn and trust yourself more so that you can show yourself what it is you are good at or what it is that you are required to bring into this world. This is you learning to detach from what others around you tell you, and to start listening to your own heart without depending on others.
I have found the last couple of months to be quite extreme to say the least. The things I have seen, felt and experienced are becoming more and more out of this world, yet it becomes natural to me at the same time. For example the lightbody activation which is something we all are intending to do and to become this lightbody once again. Yet although it seems easy to shift and change into this higher consciousness body, it is not. Remember that your physical body and your DNA carry all the particles of your past consciousness and energy as well, so that too should be cleared and should undergo the process of enlightenment.
It is awakening to your Christed Light and realizing that you are Christ in consciousness so every part of your physical body, including every cell, needs to reach the same conclusion and truly realize this. There is only one way to make things easier for your body to absorb this all and that is that you become one with your Christed Self and your body will get infused with this Christed Light. It is not wanting to run away and to go out of this body asap that will activate your lightbody Merkaba in this now as your physical experience, but it is being one with your physical body and allowing every cell to remember who you are as a lightbody.
I had the experience of a deep merging with my higher mental body this summer. This ethereal body had to merge with my lower mental body I was told, as it was the last one to still have to merge as one. This to prepare the I AM Presence to be able and descend fully into this physical experience. So as the Elohim have asked me to go and sit down in my crystal circle and to hold my gigantic rose quartz on my lap, I started to meditate and rather immediately I started to feel something happening within me. It was something I never experienced before and it was such a gentle but powerful dance and stream of energy inside of me. My soul started to move inside of me and was dancing back and forth forming a spiral movement.
It was as if my body was doing this but when opening my eyes I could see that I was not moving at all but my soul did. This warm and gentle embrace came from behind me, and I realized that my Twin Flame Saint Germain was holding me and suddenly the energies and power of this experience were ramping up. My body could not move, it was held in an upright position to straighten my spine. This feeling of Love and enlightenment is beyond words and it lasted on and on for about 25 minutes. I never felt so expanded and in unity with my body before.  So electrified at the same time like a light ball.
After that the message was clear that my Higher Mental body and the lower Mental body were now merged as one and that the embodiment of the I AM Presence could now continue. I felt tired for 3 days in a row after that as it demanded a lot of energy from my heart and from my physical vessel. The funny thing is that usually our heart starts to race during every shift or activation, but this time my heart kept beating so calm and gentle. A truly balanced state and most harmonious process.
On a similar note I had another Lightbody Merkaba activation experience not so long ago (October 2014) and this one turned out differently. I was told to work on this and that I could handle a higher notch. Since I was feeling so good at that time and fully energized I took it on me to even go 2 notches higher as I wanted to experience my Twin Flame more profoundly in me. As requested, I received it IMMEDIATELY. The energies came in so strongly that I ended up 14 days in a row with huge migraines and a physical body that could not move an inch. I was forced to stay put on my couch all these days as I literally had no energy whatsoever to even go to the bathroom or walk around.
I learned my lesson the hard way, as you can see, that we always want to move faster and faster as humans tend to have no patience. But we forget about our physical body and its atomic composition, which demands more time to process. The Spirit can handle this but it is the physical body that needs to be taken into account and the lesson I was mirrored here is that you always get what you ask for, so always ask to receive what your body can handle. I now think twice before stating decrees as I know how powerful and immediate these come to manifest.
Although this was a 2 week period of resting, my Lightbody Merkaba has expanded tremendously afterwards. The physical body is slowly absorbing all it can to later on emanate more of this Light.
The reason for my short personal sharing is to show you all how powerful your own thoughts are. So what you think you create and what you send out to another will eventually come back and be mirrored to you. Be wise when wanting to bring out thoughts in creation and think of the Highest best for all including yourself. This is a time of acceleration and the speeding up of the creations of mankind. The power is always within you and shall never cease to be so.
My love to all, let your own powers be one with you and let them be strong in Love.
Méline Portia Lafont ❤
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