Revolutionary Way To ‘Switch Off’ Pain Discovered – 29 November 2014

RT logoA breakthrough means to ease pain for millions of patients has been discovered by US researchers – and it’s right inside our body.

Scientists at St. Louis University, Missouri, blocked a pain pathway in rodents using a receptor called A3, which is located in rats’ brains and spinal cords, and acts against intense feelings of discomfort.

The latest study was published in the medical journal, Brain.

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A3 is activated by adenosine, a native chemical stimulator, or synthetic drugs, and brings pain relief, or prevents pain.

“It has long been appreciated that harnessing the potent pain-killing effects of adenosine could provide a breakthrough step towards an effective treatment for chronic pain,” Daniela Salvemini, Professor of pharmacological and physiological sciences at the university, said, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

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