Lisa Gawlas – The Purge And The Fill-In!! – 30 November 2014

lisagawlas2I should have known, what comes in, must also go out!  Man did I have a hellofa case of the backdoor trots yesterday, it’s actually what woke me up at 5am.  I was just happy to be up again at 5 am, I don’t mind some bowel discomfort as long as I get up early!!  In between every sentence I wrote yesterday, was a rapid trot to the bathroom. but hey, I was able to write and I was very happy about that.  5 hours later, my team had all my antenna’s on lock down and I could barely hold a conversation without the need to skip away and allow my body to focus on the holy releasing underway!!  I hadn’t completely given up hope on seeing yet, given the clarity of sight (not so much in the understanding department) of the prior two days.

I had an hour between appointments and decided to use my bathtub as a large hot water bottle.  The first thing I noticed, I had a massive hair clog in my drain, its really gross pulling hair that must have slimy conditioner in the snarl, out.  Bluck.  When I ran my bath, the sediment that usually only happens when I am away for extended periods of time, filled my bath and made the water black.  I don’t care, I will take a black bath!!  And I did.  I wasn’t trying to get clean, just clear!!  lol

As soon as I closed my eyes, my team was there with so much understanding.  The first thing I was reminded of, was the clearing out of the storage house, what I am experiencing in this day, is a deep, complete reflection of that.  Bowels clearing, drain cleared, water tank, cleared.  The energies, connections I took in the day prior were all facilitating this moment of my time.

Now that my entire digestive system was clear, my team showed me an amazing light show.  Down the core of both of my legs, the Source energy of blue filled them up.  It was amazing to watch and interesting that the energy started at the root chakra and filled downwards.  Once I was blue to the toes, my vision was back at the inner side of the root chakra and this golden energy poured into my spine and then started to spin so rapidly it created sparks and the sparks elongated out of all of my pores.  From what I understood, this was igniting the neuro-network throughout the body.  Another layer of energy was poured into my spine that I have no way of describing.

For as beautiful and wonderful as all that was, and it was, but my financial silo has been scrubbed clean too!!  I was $85 short on rent, my car payment isn’t even a potential, I am coming into the first of the month with all new bills… and my schedule is so clogged due to the rescheduling…. HAY!!  You said you would have my back and I cannot even find you in my front!!

My team wanted to divert my attention back to the energy emerging and that place we call December.  The purge had to completely happen prior to the entrance into December, but equally, all the connections needed to come online and be in place, so that our new collective, conscious of itself incarnate, can also hook up together.  Very much like a massive neuro-network of one very large body.  Then, something that completely surprised me, my vision was taken down to my feet, doncha know I had freakin elephant feet too!!!???  What the heck is up with that?  Did I just remember my client with elephant feet??


Going back from the little bit I did understand from my lady and now what I understand thru my own crazy looking feet… We have within us, the higher frequency I call 2015, the weightiness of our big feet embeds that energy wherever we walk, the radiation of gold (for some, silver) will be spewing out of us 24/7.  Sounds pretty, doesn’t it?  Well, it may not appear as pretty as it is visually.  Sometimes, just by our sheer presence, we are gonna piss some people off.  That current running out of us is purposely sparking unresolved issues in people so they can deal with it once and for all, it they choose.  That doesn’t mean we walk thru their hornet’s nest with them, unless they specifically ask for help… and not always in the audible way, but you can tell when someone needs some help and doesn’t know what to do… and when others are playing the blame game and you just need to walk away.

A lot will be asked of us, which is exactly why we were pulled out of the show early and dressed for the next show.  Equally, we have been purged fully and so there is now room for plenty to be given back and start storage in your new containers with the new energy.

I knew I was coming up on my next appointment and I was now feeling rather good, no more cramps, I stayed in the bath for close to an hour without having to evacuate myself out of the tub… maybe I can see??  I got out of the tub, dried and dressed, sat at my computer and I could feel myself slipping fully back into this body… rut roh.  The bowels are still moving inside.  Funny how that is.

But, I became really really hungry.  I decided to have a small little container of greek yogurt, thinking of the healthy bacteria going back into my bowels.  Not wise at all!!  Within seconds it was coming out the back door!!  Just… shit!! (grin)

I wasn’t out of my bath 10 minutes when someone bought a special, I about cried!!  There is the rest of my rent money, thank you, thank you, thank you!!  And then someone asked for a refund… shit.  And then someone bought a single reading, phew.  Talk about your emotional roller coaster!

I finally retreated to my couch… and for the first time in a very long time, I could see my team etherically around me, petting me like a critter, but with each stroke of their energy, I could feel myself enlivening, expanding, engulfed in a love that was more intense and yet more calm than I ever felt before.

As the night started to approach, hunger was running wild within me.  I had the greatest craving for a Ruben sandwich, I didn’t have the fixings for it and plus I do not eat anything I cannot completely count the calories with.  So as my belly is focused on a reuben, my mind was scanning my freezer for something else.  Ohhhhh a cheeseburger will do the trick.  I desperately wanted meat, namely the holy cow portion!!

As I ate my cheeseburger, I could feel the energy of my beloved cow expanding its essence within me, the love… OMG the love!!  So going to my favorite animal totem site, here is what they say about the cow:

Cow:  Cows can teach us about the home and community and the joy, contentment therein. Cows aid us in realizing to be easy-going and live in the moment. They show us about love and connections at work and home.

Ohh, and as I was getting out of my bath, my team did assure me, with the readings starting today.. we will see into the energy field of December.  I am so excited… I think. lol

On that note, my day begins, completely refreshed and cleared out!!  Remember that “much will be asked of you, and much will be given back in return.”  Enjoy this last day of November!!!

(((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))))) of Holy Cow-ness to everyone!! Together, in this moment, forever!!!

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