Lucas – Worlds Apart – 1 December 2014 the past weeks a lot has happened and a lot of us feel out of place. Feeling in between somewhere… It is an eerie feeling to be between two worlds.  Living in one that is the earthly now that is off and the feeling being also feeling and sensing the in touch with you new.  We are all at the moment border liners so to say.  Walking between the old only in chains  you upon this world and the you in balance with all here and on the spiritual you side.

We are all in a process of awakening to be balancing the duality within and the spiritual within into a delicate equilibrium. The constant reminder of balance in all is outpaced by the reality actions in the now of your governments, politics, media, military, economic powers and banks. The sound of the heart speaking to you is often fading in the negative of all that is perceived in the now.  A the melancholic remembrance of childhood, of holidays, of being trapped in old pains and stories of the past that was and will never be, it is making your now harsh.

The play of the old still wanting you to be put in a certain state of mind to be enslaved is becoming clearer. You can handle things better now and see through more. It makes the you grow and see that worlds of the old and the new are parting more and more. It is the end of duality in the way we knew it. We are becoming more induced with the balance of all that is also bringing the ultimate crown to our lessons in duality as the midst of all is the space without conflict. The merit of all lies in your own decision to perceive and balance that what is conflicting in you.

The inner conflict will end where balance within from earthly to spiritual is found. We are moving in this space closer and closer and the battle to keep us from finding balance is still on. The ones still having their agendas out there in full sight for the ones wanting to see are still not fully succeeding. You can still mimic a play that ended already but it will never be real. The temporary influx of the old seemingly to take over and winning more ground is merely a desperate move. There is no way back to what is not viable anymore.

Just know the all that is is not allowing for the old to have a go again. It is time to join and find balance again. This step is not easily taken and will in this moment of the now maybe take some time. Still if the ones still forcing an unbalanced way upon us humans they will be in for a shock.  The forward in an every changing universe of dimensions is not by staying in and space. There is no end to things only new beginnings in a different way.  Our thoughts, actions and being are making change happen in this now.  Even our future and past thoughts have made or are making change happen.

Go with your senses and align the earthly with the spiritual. Your heart is key in this transition. It is the binding factor between all.

Have a great holiday season and be seeing your progress happen daily.

We are on the brink of a breakthrough and nothing can stop it.

Much love and light.


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