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Jon Rappoport – Exit From The Matrix: Project For A New Imagination – 30 November 2014

jon7In putting together my collection, Exit From The Matrix, I returned, time and time again, to my research-work with hypnotherapist Jack True, and the practices and exercises of the early Tibetans, for whom imagination was a way of life.

The Tibetan view was: whatever the universe “is,” it can be approached as a product of mind.

In doing so, the extraordinary power of the individual comes to the fore.

And ultimately, that power is creative.

Insights into the nature of creative power come with action, with doing. And so, in Exit From The Matrix, I describe and offer dozens of imagination techniques that can be practiced on a daily basis. Continue reading

Children Dig Up Baby’s Body On Australian Beach – 30 November 2014

RT logoThe body of a baby was found by a pair of children playing on a Sydney beach on Sunday, under nearly a foot of sand. The news comes a mere week after another newborn child was discovered at a roadside drain.

The two boys who found the baby are six and seven years old, and had been digging when they made the disturbing discovery. A subsequent police investigation was launched and New South Wales police cordoned off the beach to comb it as a crime scene.

The inspector described the course of events.

“The children were digging – the child was buried under about 30 centimetres of sand,” Inspector Andrew Holland told reporters. “The two young children reported to their father who was nearby, who in turn contacted police.”

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Bomb Scare On Inbound Plane At JFK Airport – 30 November 2014

RT logoA bomb threat has been reported on a plane flying in from Barcelona to New York City’s JFK International Airport, according to the NYC Fire Department. However, a bomb squad that searched the plane returned empty-handed.

The bomb threat signal came from an American Airlines flight which, as NYFD tweeted, landed at runway 31R. The Port Authority Police Department (PAPD) was summoned to search the plane.

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ZeroHedge – ‘We Are Entering A New Oil Normal” – 30 November 2014

Investment Observations

The precipitous decline in the price of oil is perhaps one of the most bearish macro developments this year. We believe we are entering a “new oil normal,” where oil prices stay lower for longer. While we highlighted the risk of a near-term decline in the oil price in our July newsletter, we failed to adjust our portfolio sufficiently to reflect such a scenario. This month we identify the major implications of our revised energy thesis.

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‘Fair Healthcare’: Hundreds Protest Medical Reform In Moscow – 30 November 2014

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Doctors, medical staff and their supporters demonstrated in downtown Moscow to say ‘no’ to healthcare reform and downsizing, which will see 24 city hospitals closed and thousands of staff made redundant.

Despite temperature in the capital falling to minus 10 Celsius, hundreds participated in the march, including members of political parties and activists.

Police estimates put the figure at around 1,500 people while the organizers and media say some 5,000 protesters turned up.

The doctors carried banners saying: “Together for a fair healthcare,” “Save money on war, but not on doctors,” “Doctors and patients unite” and “No to reduction in medical facilities.”

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Atlanta Boy Missing For 4 Yrs Found Alive Behind Fake Wall At Father’s House – 30 November 2014

RT logoA 13-year-old boy, who was reported missing back in 2010, has been found alive, imprisoned behind a fake wall in his father’s Georgia home.

Five people who were living in the residence in Jonesboro, some 17 miles south of Atlanta, were arrested following the boy’s discovery. His father was among those taken into custody, according to the police in Clayton country.

The child’s father had placed the boy behind a fake wall in a linen closet, law enforcers in Clayton country said.

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John Ward – Official : Mellor Lands Key BBC Game-Show Spot – 30 November 2014

MellorrrcqIn perhaps its best scoop of all time, today’s Sun on Sunday has brought further embarrassment to an already embattled BBC by blowing the gaff on Auntie’s planned new Game Show, David Mellor’s Race-Rant Cop Quiz.

Although until now Project RRCQ has been a closely guarded secret, The Slog understands that final format details are being tested (using a recorded pilot version in early January) for full-scale launch some time in the Spring. Beeb insiders tell me that the show – using Mellor in the anchor role – will be the Corporation’s big weapon to win back ratings from ITV and Newscorp, because the 45-minute programme will be screened nightly at late pre-peak (7.15 – 8.00 pm) exclusively on the BBCNews Channel. Continue reading