Lisa Gawlas – December Unveiled!!! – 1 December 2014

lisagawlas2Well, now I see (yup, joyful pun intended) what all the waiting/cooking was about!!  Wow did you come out of the quantum oven bright and different!! And it would take all 6 connections to really start to weave a coherent story to share.

There was a common theme in most connections, and energy that moved up from the earth, engorged and engulfed you, became one as you, that looked very much like the sun itself.  Fiery white, orange and yellow radiance.  Each presentation was as unique as you are, but the outcome the same in purpose.  You were born to radiate the light of the heavens.  Now it did take a significant amount of scrubbing within, but you scrubbed yourself to the degree the sun energy now matches your cell energy!!  Hurray!!!

My second lady showed up and the first thing I noticed (for all but one, which I am saving to share last) the ground she stood upon was this solid white with hints of yellow energy, solid light.  She was leaning into the threshold that I recognized as the November/December doorway.  Then the light spread upwards, from her feet and eventually consumed her body and there she was, a fiery sun energy, still leaning into December.  That’s when I seen December for the first time…. ever.  Yikes.  Its rough in there!!

December dropped down in visual and frequency a good 4-6 inches.  The first thing that opened up for this lady was like a scene out of “What Dreams May Come,” change the boat to a solid flooring of light with a ball of sun shining outwards… and reduce the amount of people in the depths of darkness, reaching up to about 4:

Link to picture

Little did I remember, she starts her new job today (Dec 1st) on the 35th floor of a high-rise.  Life reflecting Life!!  Then her team took all kinds of pressure we would normally impose on ourselves, they said she didn’t have to do anything at all.  Just by Being she is illuminating those in need.  There will be 3-4 people she has a direct impact upon and if I am interpreting this correctly, they will reach out for her.

Before I get to the next part of her reading, ohhh yeah, another similar theme too happens, I will get to that in a moment.

I had another lady show up again as that body of sunlight, except for her, the light split in two just above her head and formed what looked like helicopter propellers.  I could feel the down draft of the spinning light propellers from her head, very much like an intense pressure of light coming in to the ground.  I could not move her into December, instead, her team opened the ground itself, and about 4 feet below her light surface was an entanglement of roots.  Her job right now was to focus her light downward to engorge the roots with this light and they will untangle from around her, by virtue of being engorged.  Her team did give her a warning with this, not everyone is thrilled to be filled with light, and some people may be down right pissed off, but hey, isn’t that how we all got to this point.  So many aspects of our hidden corners illuminated, that at first pissed us off…

This next lady I am going to share, OMG the visual itself left me giggling all day long.  The first thing I seen was her feet, she had quad roller skates on her feet that were made of this beautiful violet and blue energy.  The violet is the ascended master energy and the blue the action and communication of the ascended master in body, in action too!!  The energy very much alive and as I looked up her body the next thing I seen were these funny looking wings flapping like hummingbird wings out her back.  They were not large at all, maybe three feet each, but her team made sure she knew, they were not two wings, but one connected at the heart.  The wings had this arch to them, pure radiant white light and yet I could see the details of the feathers when they weren’t in motion. I must have thought inside of myself, what does this mean to her because without warning… OMG she zoomed into the first week of December and grabbed someone by the throat and lifted them up by throat.  I lost it, holy shit I didn’t expect that.  And this poor man or kid, to me it kinda looked like Mr MaGoo, was drenched in the violet-blue energy.  His eyes rolling around in his head, stunned by what just happened (so were mine!!!  lol)  I couldn’t stop laughing, it surprised the hell out of me!!

Her visual really takes the thoughts of harps and clouds and throws it to the way side.  Direct action, purposeful!!  Her team explained that there is such a discordance of frequency thru the energies of December and we have been dressed for the occasion, to help those that are wallowing in their pity, their fears and discordance and with action and communication, to change it.  She grabbed him by the throat to amplify the fact that we must address their own self talk and change the frequency of their own communication to their Self.

I found her skates quite interesting too.  She was told that each skate, the wheel parts, were represented by her team, each wheel a member of her spiritual team gliding her where she is most needed.  The wings are her desire, her accelerant to get her where she needs to be.  The energy so rapid there is no time to think, purposely so.  Just inspired action and communication.

After I got off the phone with her, I could not get her image out of my mind, and I was still giggling seeing that person dangling in her hands by his throat, suddenly I was taken to her form… arched wings, wheels…. An archangel on wheels!!!

Think of Michael, he has a sword (truth, which can and often times is piercing and painful to the receiver and eventually, healing) and a shield (Protection from the blowback of truth) well, my lady has skates as she is glided forward by 8 team members.

Now, I do want to interject something here that is as equally important to our ongoing story as what i am sharing.  Moments before I connected with my second lady of the day, someone purchased a reading package, I took that gratitude deep into my heart and obviously into this reading as well.  As I was watching what has happening after my lady met the 3-4 people in their self-imposed hell, suddenly I could see the package sale in front of my eyes and it was blue like the energy of Source in Body.  My first thought was the knee jerk reaction of hey… gotta get my personal stuff out of this lady’s energy, so I dismissed it with more gratitude.  It wasn’t until much later in the day, as I was trying everything together, my team explained to me why they put that energy into the reading.

Source energy is the Presence of the Presents coming to us and thru us.  We go from sunshiney energy of Presence into inspired action of Source in body, equally, we are receiving what we are putting out.  Please don’t think you give someone an apple the next day you have an apple on your doorstep, it is energy for energy dressed in many a wonderful guise.

I think too, understand the electric blue.  Water is often depicted as blue, when you look at the earth from space it is blue and white, water and sun is the nourishment of ALL life on earth.  One without the other creates droughts.  We are demanded to remember, we are consciously both.

I also want to say what a difference one day can make.  One day I was in the negative and now, today, my car payment and first two bills of this month covered.  Thank you so much for covering my ass and loving and trusting me the way you do!

Now onto the next phase of December.  I think we are simply getting our feet wet with the first week, to witness the chaos or discordant frequencies and change what we can, because the host of all life has a big event planned on December 11th. for those who actively and lovingly (that does not mean wishy-washy) the Light of Love.  A massive expansion from the core of our Beings… and that is truly underselling it.

I will use the image of my second lady, all I could think of was a massive jelly fish stretched out in about a 25 foot circumference.

Link to picture

Inside this jellious thing (yup, I am making up new words as I go, lol) that was now her, were geez, things encrusted within the jelly.  Power nodes of sorts.  Amplifiers, new skills, all sorts of goodies.  This event was so large it was three days coming three days settling in… So maybe the 8th or 9th thru the 14th – 15th.  I feel that we are being given the moment of truth… will we leap into action or just wait til someone else does.

I had one man who was still in his quantum soup stage, but as I sat at my computer to reschedule him to a day I knew I would “see” him, suddenly I could see orange duck feet.  Not the body, just two duck feet:

duck feet

For a change, I must have taken good notes in night school, because instantly I understood what I was seeing thru him.  With our purposeful action and feet on the ground, we are creating a new web of life.  Fluid, in our action, buoyant in our Light field.  The three areas of cartilage in the feet, the new trinity acting as one.  Source, Soul and Physically.

And as my last man of the day showed, some do not need to even get near the chaos.  Instead, the path is way above the density and the experience is to present these three aspects of your new, beautiful Self for the experience.

Ohhh and I must share too, with this man, beneath his feet were these chunky like quartz crystals.  His team said they will activate when he needs to pay attention.  He will feel the activation maybe by an itchy foot, or tingling, or something like that.  I was reminded of this just now (as I was closing this blog up) because this is true for many.  Right foot, pay attention to the emotions surround you, left foot, pay attention to what is happening in life surrounding you in the moment.

Ohhh and another theme, especially with the energy around Dec 11th… a fractal completing and emerging a new.

I must talk about my first beautiful lady of the day before I close.  Her vision opened up about 5 minutes before we connected and I could clearly see her standing on the smallest jagged rock.  The rock itself was no bigger than 6 inches tall by maybe 3 inches wide and yet her two feet were balanced on this rock as I watched her body wobble back and forth.  Once we got connected, I really understood this image.  Sometimes, I need a preview to not stumble when we get together.

That tiny little rock is all that was left of her past and yet, she was afraid to move off of it.  Her gift is literally seeing discarnate spirits, dead people if you will, and it has scared her… as it does most mediums in the beginning.  But her ongoing fear has not only kept her in the dark (everything showed up as if at dusk) but is cutting the bottom of her feet (her ability to fully and joyfully walk forward into the Light of her fullness.)  Fear is like that.  It also keeps you from the new web of life.  Do what you can to embrace all aspects of yourself, your abilities, your gifts to this precious crazy world.

On that note, my day is about to begin.  Thank you soooo freakin much for loving me, trusting me, Being a part of this magical world we now own, with me as me!!  You truly are the wind beneath my wings!!

((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))))))))))) of abundant love filled with deep gratitude to all.  Happy December!!!

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