Sophia Love – November 30th Update – 1 December 2014

SophiaLoveNewGood Day Sophia!

Everything is more or less well around the World for now. Lot of good changes are taking place on daily basis. In U.S. You can see that different People rose up against injustice and unfairness.
The grand jury’s decision sparked these protests, but actually these protests are the result of People being unhappy with this system. It all was boiling to a certain point. Eventually protests may wind down, yet they will continue to pop up here and there and will not cease unless there will be a Huge Worldwide Changes.

Most of Protesters are young People, like I warned before, People need a Change, this system is stagnated, Energy is stagnated and They can no longer tolerate all of it. Many can hold Themselves together, but all patience eventually come to an end. 

So Changes are starting to occur. Yes, they may be chaotic, but if illuminati/cabal refuse to surrender and are keeping their claws deeply in their seat of power, measures like use of force needs to be applied.

If it will go that far and illuminati/cabal will spark a small war here, then Sage Star A will summon power of Chaos and bestow it upon Protesters which will increase Their Power and make Them berserk and in that case, the government will be quickly changed by force. 

Yes there will be casualties, but all of this will lie only on illuminati/cabal and their evil system, they will be the only ones responsible for all of this. Sun and Earth may aid Protesters as well.
We are still doing our best to solve everything Peacefully.

In other news U.S. government is having very big problems with it’s image and confidence around the World. U.S. now struggling to keep it together and to keep it’s many lies from exposure. They still use money to bribe People in other governments from speaking out. Yet when evil petrodollar collapses, People will speak out about their horrendous lies.
Countries are now not asking gold back, but demanding it

As well, there was a resolution vote proposed by Russia to ban all nazi propaganda and nazi affiliated groups and only U.S., Canada and Ukraine voted against

Same thing happened with “no weaponisation of space” resolution proposed again by Russia with only U.S., Israel, Georgia and Ukraine voted against

This clearly shows that Ukraine had become a puppet state of evil U.S. government, as well it shows that U.S. supports nazism and weaponisation of space, which we knew of course, but it only proves that they have a hostile stance toward ETs and nazism ideology they created before WW2 (like supporting their children no matter what).

And looking at Those that voted for the resolution shows that Majority of the World do not support this and want to get away from it, as well it shows that same Majority supports the initiative of Good New World Order proposed by BRICS countries.

I also need to reveal to You something One shared with us. This is connected with Forces of One warning and specific date of 2016.

The planet Saturn in 1986-1987 was in position in 13th zodiacal constellation Ophiuchus – this is very close to the center of Galaxy – Sage Star A and is known as “Golden Gates of the Skies”, or also “Gates to Heaven”.

In 1986 two crucial and very big worldwide warnings were given both to demiurge with Followers of Light/reptilians and also to illuminati order/cabal. One was explosion of Challenger space shuttle and other was Chernobyl explosion.

First showed to U.S. government that they are not all powerful and “challenging” Universe thus Creator is a bad thing to do. It showed that any progress they could make could be stopped in an instant if they would continue on same route of destruction.

The other was shown to Soviet Union’s government, it showed them clearly what nuclear war would look like, it also showed to all World that playing with radiation is dangerous and could harm Everyone.

The orbital rotation period of Saturn is 29.5 Earth cycles (years), that is 1 cycle of Saturn. It was decided by One to give Humanity, reptilians, Followers of Light and demiurge 1 full Saturn’s cycle to make up Their mind (which remember is 29.5 Earth cycles/years). The countdown started a little after Chernobyl’s disaster.

And if You calculated, by adding 29.5 cycles from second half of 1986 through first half of 1987 will be beginning of 2016. This is the date which is set to demiurge as “deadline”. Saturn is known in many Cultures around the World as “Judge” and it’s orbital rotation period fits the time frame One intended.

So when Saturn will reach it’s position in december of 2015, the last countdown will begin and will end in august, when Saturn will make last turn into Scorpio and will go through the Galactic Center and into Sagittarius.

That is about it, One shared this knowledge with us only now. Very few knew about this deadline, but those for whom it was meant, knew very well about it.


Also here Sophia, I want to illustrate to You the Vastness of Universe, it will help to Expand Your Mind even Further, You can share this with Good Friends as well

The Ever Expanding Universe
There will come a time when Universe will cease to Expand, but for now It Expands

And Observable Universe – that is what is seen from Earth, but it is not Everything what is in a Universe, Universe is much larger than this

Here is an explanation – Farthest Ever View of the Universe

Another video 200,000+ Galaxies Revealed In Deep Sky Survey
200,000 GALAXIES, where each one contains billions and trillions of Stars like Sun and even bigger, You understand how HUGE this is?

And here is the most detailed and largest Sky Map available here on Earth
All things may look small here, but here You can see both Stars and Galaxies and there are many, many Worlds that are habitable!

Also, recent finding showed that All Universe is Interconnected and is a small part of an even bigger design of One


I will share some more beautiful music:

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With Much Peace, Calm and Prosperity. / link to original article


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