US Loses Bid To Re-Jail Kim Dotcom – 1 December 2014

RT logoAttorneys for the United States government have lost their attempt to revoke internet mogul Kim Dotcom’s bail as he awaits an extradition trial in New Zealand, scheduled for next June.

Dotcom – a German hacker-turned-entrepreneur who founded the file-storage website Megaupload – has been free on bail since shortly after New Zealand authorities raided his home in Coatesville, near Auckland, in January 2012 in connection with an FBI-led investigation. The probe left he and his colleagues facing charges of infringement and conspiracy in the US. As legal issues surrounding that matter linger on, Dotcom, 40, can forego worrying for now whether he’ll have to go back to jail anytime soon.

American authorities argued in Auckland last week that Dotcom should be sent back behind bars since he poses a flight risk ahead of next year’s extradition trial as a result of his immense wealth; by his own admission, Dotcom says he’s earned roughly $40 million since posting bail in early 2012, of which one-fourth has been spent on legal fees. Judge Nevin Dawson disagreed with US officials, however, and said Monday that Dotcom can remain free pending next year’s trial.

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