Lisa Gawlas – December 11th: The New Pillar Of Light (11) Is YOU!! – 2 December 2014

lisagawlas2It seems December is now being shared in parts, the first part being the first week we are now in.  The culmination of this week, creating outcomes of continued direction for the next part of December.  The focal point beyond this week, is that interesting date of the 11th, that is what I would like to expand on today.  I so wish I could put this into a video or hell, even a painting, because you would understand where I know my words are going to fail… but alas, my words are my only paintbrush… dammit!!

Lets first take the number 11, two 1’s that create a column or pillar, the ones also representing new beginnings when separated, butting them together to form the eleven is spiritual illumination, a light house if you will.   It is also our new storehouse of Light as well, but different than ever before.  (<–this part, I am still trying to understand.)

From what I had seen yesterday thru all 6 readings, some people have chosen to immerse themselves into what we will just call a chaotic node (all I could think of was the Hathor’s when it was stated that way yesterday) to be the light of illumination of whatever is happening and diffuse the discordance into harmony.  Others have already gone thru that so they have set themselves up in different ways that is constant for their light field.  One lady looked like a human vacuum made of tornadic light.  Such up the debris from below, the denser earth, with a constant stream of pure energy coming into her to transmute and not take on.  Another lady, each footstep she created on earth shattered the Light barrier… meaning, the higher vibrational flooring shattered to hit those within the discordance of what we think of as the old earth.  The culmination of which, if we are not “stuck” to any one thing on earth, pulls us into vessel of the 11th.  What is interesting, that threshold of November/December is as far east as I can see.  East is where your new garden is just being planted and nourished, and I suppose, what is being asked of you this first week is the fertilizer of action.

The 11th is a constant, way out in the left or west field… open space all around it, Light flooding in from all directions and then two parts of your energy field moving into it.  The first part is what we would call the present, I have no other way to really detail what I mean by that.  To see it is to fully understand it, but words… they flipping suck!!!

The second part came thru a conversation within the readings yesterday, I was brought back to my crazy meditation a week or so ago, where I seen the very last of this timeline of 2014 go from pitch black to thick yellow with a dump truck and the dump truck unloaded all kinds of things I could not understand in the middle of my field of december.  What was contained in the thick yellow, to me, looked like chunks of unrecognizable stuff, to include some sacred geometric stuff.

Well, if our storage shed has been scrubbed clean, and let me tell you, it has (giggle) then it must be filled with the new.

The new.  Hmmm….  Suddenly they gave me a larger understanding of this (phew, thank goodness.)  What have we been willing to do, willing to say, where have we been willing to shed light, change the discordance with action and communication, see the sacred in all things, love and honor all things (that does not mean you have to like it, but if you can see the god in all things, you cannot help but love it, and so on.

Spirit has been saying for this whole year, we have become the living meditation.  I think until this moment, I wasn’t even very clear on that, but am now.  When we go into meditation, our teams do not let us get away with anything.  They are honest, addressing, loving and firm within it all.  We must be that to all things in our physical life.  The majority of this planet is not immersed in spiritual communication with their team and many that say they are, do not know how to listen to the voice of spirit that is ever-present.  So we have become that.  Audible and visible and responsible.

If we are having a hard time being that, then what is in that dump truck is the energy and situations to become that.  For those of us who have become that, I have no flipping clue what is in there!!  Ohhhhhh…. wait, we got a crazy glimpse.  One of my ladies yesterday, as I was watching her melt into her new form on the 11th and the dump truck of the last of this year unloaded to her… suddenly, and much to my surprise, she was like a sky-rocket, up thru the 2015 field, past the 2016, past 2017 (the only other two higher vibrational fields I have seen to date) and what was said to her as I tried to figure out where the hell she went…. awww man, i forget the darn quote.  But it was something that boiled down to “where everything is possible” but they didn’t use those words, it was in a very different phrase.  If I can remember (or she reminds me… hint hint lol) I will post the quote on my facebook wall.

As most people will attest thru that I read for yesterday, I am becoming a babbling idiot in readings.  Our words beyond limiting in full on explanation of what is being shown.  I find it so difficult when we have a full on shift like we just did, to even piece words together to form an understanding.

I do want to say that I am starting to realize the bigger feeling inside of me for my time with my kids in Virginia.  The deep desire to simply be present with them, to focus all my heart and energy on them… is much much bigger and different than just missing them this year.  It’s going to be an interesting 2 weeks for sure!!  I Am ready, no matter what is asked!!  I know I have you to love me thru any growth spurts I may encounter.  I pray you know you have the same in me too!!

I am going to leave it there for today.  I love you all and treasure you deep in my heart!!

(((((((((HUGZ))))))))))) of joyful action and communication to everyone!!!

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