Gravy Train: Retired EU President Van Rompuy Gets A Whopping $600K+ Payoff – 3 December 2014

RT logoHerman van Rompuy, the former president of the European Council, is to get over £400,000 (over $620,000) of EU taxpayers’ money over the course of three years after his retirement, the UK’s Independent newspaper revealed.

Van Rompuy, 67, earlier was reported to receive 55 percent of his basic salary – £133,723 ($210,290) a year until December 2017, a special payment of £21,000 ($33,000) – and an annual pension of £52,000 ($81,700) for life.

However, an EU official later explained to The Independent that Van Rompuy would not receive his pension until he stopped receiving the three-year allowance. He added also, that there would be no one-off payment amounting to £21,000. The total sum of allowance will be £401,169 (over $620,000).

The tax rate imposed on it will be at the European Community tax rate, and not the rate in Rompuy’s homeland, Belgium, where the rate is higher.

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