Lisa Gawlas – To Enlarge Your Territory YOU Must First Enlarge Your Sense Of Self!! – 3 December 2014

lisagawlas2Ohhh the nuggets encrusted in the readings yesterday.  Now to condense what I can into this tiny little space.  I think I am going to focus on two of the readings first, both are lady’s who have moving on their life’s agenda and will conclude with my last man of the day.  Let me tell you too, even tho the information that came thru is vital to all of us, the humor embedded within it all at times was more than I could take.  I couldn’t get a grip on myself for the shear imagery presented!!

My one lady, everything about her imagery is forever burned in my mind.  Like is happening with so many now, the moment I look on my calendar to see who I get to dance with next, their imagery, the light of their soul is already expressing to me.  I think I need the extra time just to figure out the new language expressing these days!!

I could see her standing on the place above the chaotic earth on a floor made of energy that completely supports her and reflects her energy (and this was true for everyone) and then I had seen two ocean waves coming in from both sides (her left and her right) and instead of tossing her around, instead these waves grew upright on either side of her, to support her and surround her with its energy.  The color of the waves now very familiar to me, Source energy thru the emotional field of what looked like water to me.  Fluid, moving, supporting, nourishing.  But she did not recognize the energy surrounding her and therefore, didn’t use what is a part of her now.  So question was, so how does she use it??  What came next, threw me for a loop, many loops actually.

Suddenly, it was as if what I had been seeing was like staring at one of those pictures made of dots and the more you stare the more you can see an image appear in the dots that you wouldn’t see unless you stared at it and let it come into focus.

Suddenly, I was looking at her body within these two waves of blue energy and her hands were covering her root chakra area.  I was so surprised to see that she was blocking her vagina area so that I could see it, and as soon as I asked her to release her hands, she did and OMG I was soooooo taken by surprise… the biggest, bushiest bush (hair area) I have ever seen just was all up in my eyes.  OMG, what the hell is that????  You need a shave girl!!!  I couldn’t stop laughing from the surprise as well as the intense bush!!  What the hell could that possibly even mean in a reading… ask for razors for Christmas??  lol  Finally I heard her team say “you cannot see the forest for the trees,” or in her case, the wild bush!! Altho I have heard that term a million times, I really don’t know what it means, she did and that was good because I was so caught up in laughter I had the hardest time focusing!!  This morning I found a perfect explanation of this term from  to be “unable to see the forest for the trees” means to be unable to grasp the big picture because of a concern with small (trivial) details. To be “unable to see the trees for the forest” would mean to be unable to focus on (important) details of a situation because of a concern with the big picture.

Well if all that didn’t knock me off my rocker, as I looked at her again, suddenly, her whole image looked like a vagina.  The waves of blue creating the labia, her body creating the opening of the vagina.  I soooo couldn’t hold it together, I was in shock of seeing her as a huge living vagina and the fact that she was a huge living vagina.  I even found myself covering my eyes thru most of her reading but that didn’t stop my giggles.

I do believe we found the holy grail and it is woman!!!  But what is being the holy grail if you don’t recognize yourself as such?

The vagina, where life must enter to find form.  To grow and be nourished by its host.  If you do not open up to new life and have your hands blocking the flow of life… things can become very sterile, not because life is sterile, you just need to trim down that bush and get your hands out of the way of incoming life.

I think I am going to add my last reading of the day here, because he fits into this story (giggle, yup, there is a pun there lol.)  Altho I couldn’t bring myself to tell him what I really understood with this imagery, how much genitalia can I talk about without completely loosing it in one day!!  Plus he is the wonderful man who just celebrated his 7th decade on this precious earth… I just couldn’t tell him all the details, but I know he is reading this too, so….

I started to see him as I was taking a shower before his reading.  Given my vagina lady, I knew what I was seeing. at least the symbology of it.  He was set up on this vibrational floor of the higher frequencies, a part of the floor itself a plant growing from it, from the new earth.  He had these large green leaves that bent over to retouch the ground in its growth (think a banana half peeled.)  His body… I kept thinking pussy willow (maybe cuz I was still thinking of my other lady too lol) but when I looked up the images of a pussy willow, I was wrong.  I know there is this firm flower like thingie that is about 7-8 inches long and kinda furry/fuzzy when it is in bloom.  It is usually on a long stem about 2-3 feet long and if I am not mistaken, produces just one flower per stem.  I have seen it, but for the life of me, cannot recall what it is called.  But that made up his body.  (ADDED NOTE:  Someone just illuminated me to the flower… Cattails!!  I knew it was something I have seen before.  The fact that it grows in wetlands-emotions, is not surprising either.)

In this visual, he was capturing the seeds of life that naturally flowed around in the hair and created energy that he released thru his flower head to move towards those who needed that life seed(s).

How on earth do I tell this precious man that it really reminds me of an uncircumcised penis, the foreskin pulled back… even when his team kept saying how open he is, I just couldn’t.  Please know, I got the details out without having to talk about a penis, but this morning… well, it ties the story together and I cannot, not go there!!  (See me blushing to beat the band.)

Now let me tie in my lady in the middle of all this, she really is an exclamation point to it all.  She totally tripped me up too.. there she was for a nano second on the floor of the higher vibrational when this blue spiral /coiled energy came down from above, locked into her crown area and yanked her off the floor and the next thing I know she is wayyyyy over in the deep west area of the field against a backdrop of a pitch black sky.  She took up almost the entire area with her beautiful, sexy form.  She was dressed in this white flowing dress/gown and she was in constant slinky dance like motion.  For the first good 5-10 minutes of her reading, her team was silent, not a word was uttered, even thru both of us begging to know what the hell does this mean??

I have got to say too, for the brief moment I had seen her on the vibrational floor she was about 4-5 tall, in the deep west, she was huge, going to scale of my vision, easy 10 feet or more and one large sexy, sultry mama.  I swear the field was in heat yesterday!!  lol

How often are we busy being in an experience and the mind is constantly saying… but what does this mean.  Being present, being fully in that moment is where the meaning is without words.

But dammit… we need words!!!  “I” need words to help her understand what the hell just happened and why!!  Phew… they threw us many a wonderful bone.  I am just going to paraphrase the HUGE meanings within her reading.

Now, before I start, keep in mind, both of these ladies are looking to move out of the life they are in and into their next, literally move from one place to another.

We do not see how large we really are.  We perceive ourselves as small and limited and therefore create our next reality based on the limitations we perceive.  When we see ourselves as grand and as large as we really are… nothing is limited.  We cannot ask spirit to “enlarge our territory” while we still perceive ourselves as small and limited.  It will not happen that way.

We MUST see ourselves beyond limitations, beyond who and what we think we are or what we think we are capable of.  The universe will not enlarge your territory until you enlarge your sense of Self first and foremost.

I was once again given a parallel to my own experience.  This is such an important parallel for everyone seeking the enlargement of their Self.  December 2011, when Archangel Michael asked me how I seen myself in 2012 and the energy that flowed from the core of my heart was… living by myself, surrounded by like minds with expansive conversations in our evolving state of Grace!

When I found this little place I call my heaven, by all outer visibility… perceptions, I should have just told my (soon to be) landlady it is way over my affordability potential, because in that moment, it was.  I wasn’t working really.  I knew I was done with message pretty much, my forearms and hands made sure of that and yet readings… wasn’t sure I wanted to do that full-time again and I would need a large client load to sustain myself, forget live beyond the basics.

But man oh man was I in love with everything about this place, especially the lady who held the key to it all.  We sat at her kitchen table, had coffee and talked.  I told her where I was at financially and that I just came back from Virginia and I have no clue how to make this all work.  She asked me one last time if I wanted the place and thru my crazy lips, I said YES!!  She handed me the keys.  Talk about trust in another, holy shit!!  She seen the potential in me I couldn’t fathom within myself.  3 years later… I have expanded everything about me, because of you.  I read now in a way I couldn’t even fathom possible and it only happened when I moved here.  You push me further just by signing up for readings and I go where my mind is blown all the time.  Had I said no… well, I will never know cuz we made it happen together.

Don’t plan your life according to your perceived limitations… if expansion is what you desire, then live it, be it and it will be all around you!!  Go out and fertilize the life of your desires!!

I love you soul flipping much.  I celebrate you in ways that I cannot even put into words.  Your sexy and awesome and flipping HUGE!!  Ohhhh shit, before I forget… My wonderful lady remembered the phrase my mind went blank on, let me share it here.

We have all heard the term of unlimited potential, spirit has talked about that a lot over the decades (I;m sure longer than that too.)  So when I seen my lady sky-rocket up thru the frequency of 2015m 2016, 2017 and I asked where the hell she went… their reply was:  THE REALM OF UNRESTRICTED POTENTIAL.

This was a huge shift in words, I felt it the moment they stated it.  To live within the realm of unrestricted potential means the ego side of our self has joined its rightful place with the spiritual side of yourself.  No longer being in a state of pure survival, no longer thinking and acting only on behalf of the incarnate body, but expressing and creating with its true partner in life… the soul.  Service to the All is always service to the Self.  In this place, there is no need to restrict our creations even thru unlimited potential when your heart serves Life itself.

I let you ponder that, it ties in to this whole sharing too!!

(((((((((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))))))) of unrestricted, fertilized love seeds to ALL!!!

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