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ZeroHedge – ECB Inflation Expectations Crash; Slashed By Half In Just 9 Months – 4 December 2014

ZeroHedgeBack in March the ECB predicted 2014 inflation would be 1.0%, with prices rising to 1.3% in 2015. Since then one can say that deflation has once again taken hold, and following two consecutive cuts to 2014 inflation expectations, moments ago Draghi just released the ECB’s latest set of inflation expectations. In a nutshell: in just 9 short months, the ECB’s current year inflation forecast has been cut in half, with 2015 inflation also down nearly 50%, from 1.3% to 0.7%.

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Brutal Police Beating Of Model Shocks Australia – 4 December 2014

RT logoA video showing three Sydney police officers brutally beating a young woman has gone viral, with over 750,000 views on Facebook. During the clip, the victim is repeatedly hit with a police baton and appears to be kicked in the head by a male officer.

Police brutality has been hitting the headlines in the US, but now it seems the unfortunate trend has made its way to Australia. The woman in question, Claire Helen, who works as a model and actress and was on the receiving end of recurring blows from a police officer, said: “It was the most frightening and humiliating experience of my life.”

Law enforcement officers allege that Helen punched a policewoman in the mouth, as well as resisting arrest – an action that the model stringently denies. “They pushed me down. They hit me and kicked me. They pulled my dress over my head,” she said, speaking to Channel Nine. Onlookers could be heard shouting, “Let her go,” and, “She’s not resisting arrest.”

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Cutting Russia Out Of SWIFT Banking System Would Mean ‘War’ – Head Of VTB – 4 December 2014

RT logoExcluding Russia from the global SWIFT banking transactions system is another form of sanctions and would mean “war,” said Andrey Kostin, head of VTB Russia’s second largest bank, adding that should it happen Russia has a “Plan B.”

“In my personal opinion, if such a sanction is introduced it would mean war,” Kostin said in an interview with Germany’s Handelsblatt newspaper. If Russian banks no longer have access to SWIFT, the American ambassador would leave Moscow the same day, he said.

Kostin added that the banking system is highly dependent on the dollar and euro, and is the most vulnerable part of the Russian economy. However, he said Russia has an alternative should the SWIFT system be no longer available to Russia. Last month the Bank of Russia said it’s going to launch an alternative for financial transactions in May 2015.

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Jon Rappoport – Education Programming 101: Destroy Logic – December 2014

jon7Once upon a time, in medieval universities, new students enrolled in the Trivium. It was the foundation curriculum. It was required. Its parts were: grammar, logic, and rhetoric.

Grammar: the interior construction of language.

Logic: the valid and invalid connections in the course of a formal argument; the method of proper reasoning; the deductive links in a chain, at the end of which appears a conclusion.

Rhetoric: oral and written presentation; the use of language to make a case; the capacity to persuade, even in the face of counter-argument. Continue reading

43Yrs For Justice: Ireland Takes UK To Human Rights Court Over Hooded Men Case – 4 December 2014

RT logoThe Irish government has asked the ECHR to reexamine the 1978 verdict of the Hooded Men Case. The Northern Irishmen involved seek justice after a new set of previously classified documents point to torture by the UK government in the high-profile case.

The case in question involves torture allegations brought by 14 suspects who said they were subjected to suffering during their detention without trial in 1971 at the Ballykelly British Army Base in County Londonderry.

Liam Shannon, one of the protagonists in the Hooded Men Case, told RT’s ‘In the Now’ that his nightmare began on August 9, 1971, when “hundreds of Catholic men” were arrested by the British Army and taken to detention centers all over Belfast, Northern Ireland, at the height of the troubles there.

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17 States Sue Obama Administration Claiming Immigration Action Is Illegal – 4 December 2014

RT logoTexas is leading a coalition of 17 states in suing President Obama over his plan for immigration reform. The lawsuit argues that his executive action violated the United States Constitution.

Filed in a Texas federal court, the suit claims the Obama administration violated constitutional limits on presidential powers when President Obama ordered the protection from deportation and the right to work for up to 5 million undocumented parents of US citizens, so long as they come forward and pay taxes.

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ZeroHedge – The Oil-Drenched Black Swan, Part 4: The Head-Fake Disruption Ahead – 4 December 2014

ZeroHedgeSubmitted by Charles Hugh-Smith of OfTwoMinds blog,

Add these factors up and we conclude there is no visible price limit on oil after supply falters.

I’ve been discussing the concept of an Oil Head-Fake since 2008, most recently in The Oil Head-Fake: The Illusion that Lower Oil Prices Are Positive (September 29, 2014)

Florida Judge Lifts Ban On Feeding Homeless In Public – 4 December 2014

RT logoAfter a wave of protests and massive backlash, a Fort Lauderdale judge has temporarily suspended the city’s recent ban on feeding the homeless in public places.

Broward Circuit Judge Thomas Lynch on Tuesday suspended the enforcement of the ordinance that forbids people from feeding the homeless in parks and other public places in the city. Specifically, the local law limits the location of outdoor feeding sites and requires groups providing food to supply portable toilets. The decision is valid for 30 days pending mediation, reports AP.

READ MORE: Florida police threaten arrest under new ‘homeless hate law’

Judge Lynch’s ruling comes in response to 90-year-old homeless advocate Arnold Abbott’s lawsuit challenging the ordinance. The World War II vet and retired jewelry salesman has been feeding the homeless at the city’s beaches with his group, Love Thy Neighbor, for the last 23 years.

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Grand Jury Doesn’t Indict NYPD Officer Accused In Chokehold Death – 4 December 2014

RT logoA New York City grand jury has decided not to indict the New York Police Department officer accused of killing a Staten Island man by putting him in an illegal chokehold. The NYPD is now preparing for more protests stemming from the decision.

The US Department of Justice will conduct an investigation of the killing, Reuters reported, citing an official.

Early Wednesday afternoon, CNN, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post all reported that a grand jury declined to indict the officer.

Although the special grand jury declined to indict Daniel Pantaleo, the white officer accused of strangling Garner, who was black, the police department can still reprimand Pantaleo under a basic rule that loosely states if an officer does anything to embarrass the department, then they can be disciplined.

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John Ward – Murdoch Times Wins Ironic Brass Neck Of Year Award – 4 December 2014

Digger’s Thunderer pips Osborne at post

thunderboxEven Newscorp felt too ashamed to put the offending line in anything bigger than 2pt. The Slog would merely add, “..but everything Newscorp does is”.

Run by a psychopath, CEO’d by a perjerure, Managed by a depraved slapper, staffed by phone hackers.Yes indeed, that’s the bit that Lord Justice Leveson should’ve realised.

As if the f**king Times discovered the Rotherham scandal….dear oh dear oh dear.

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