Tories’ Human Rights Veto ‘Threatens Future Of Britain’ – Ex-Attorney General – 4 December 2014

RT logoThe Conservative-led government’s proposal to scrap the Human Rights Act and reduce the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to an advisory body would have “devastating consequences” for Britain, the UK’s former Attorney General warned on Wednesday.

In a strident critique of his party’s controversial proposals for human rights law reform, Conservative MP and QC Dominic Grieve, who was fired by Prime Minister David Cameron in July, said the government’s threat to abandon the Strasbourg court undermined international law and could fray the constitutional fabric that holds the United Kingdom together.

Grieve, who backs reform of the ECHR, was removed from his post as Attorney General along with other justice ministers over their opposition to Britain’s potential withdrawal from the European Union and Council of Europe.

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