Sophia Love – WHAM! You Are There – 6 December 2014

SophiaLoveNewThe thing about this trip is that no one can tell you exactly where it leads. Google doesn’t know. Siri doesn’t know. The moment of arrival can’t be predicted or plotted.

Traveling this way is disconcerting at first. In a non-linear world everything is sort of vague and non specific. Surprises are everywhere. Times, deadlines and even destinations have little relevance. What matters is the doing.

The Pando reminds me of what we’ll find there. The Pando is an ancient clonal colony of quaking Aspen, found in Utah, USA. Estimates of its age start at 80,000 years but reach back to 8 million years old. What is clear is that these trees are connected, but that connection (a single root system) is invisible and sort of a distraction as they are all parts of a single living organism, one of this world’s oldest. 

We are ONE. We exist as separate looking versions of ourselves, with separate sounding opinions, names, birthplaces and histories. Once we reach awareness, it’ll sort of be like reaching Utah. We’ll look around and notice that everyone looks exactly the same. If we decide to dig deep, we’ll see that not only do we look alike above the ground, but we are ONE organism beneath as well. If we decide to ascend to the skies and look down, we’ll again see ONE colony of identical trees. There will be no escaping our ONEness.

With awareness comes simplicity. No longer are the reasons for your feelings complicated. It will not matter who got there first, who tripped who on the way, or who has the most souvenirs. Once you reach awareness, reasons fall away and whats left is the feeling. There is not a single path to Agape because, like the Pando, roots/connections exist in every direction. As part of the ONE, you will throw out your own shoots along the way. This journey cannot be mapped.

The whole point is Agape. Like an invisible root system, this is the binding that forms who we are. It’s not like we are separate things, held by an idea. We are one thing. The discovery of that singularity happens and WHAM – you are there. No one can tell you when that will happen. These journeys point to what you’ll see along the way; they cannot put into words its magnificence.

So, let everything go and you’ll be there. It’s that simple and the most difficult trip you’ll ever take. You are here now to do this. Your success and your arrival is guaranteed. Expect only love and what you’ll find is that you were never alone. I’ve been growing right beside you the whole time, as has every “other” you have known. We all love you. We all ARE you.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

This ends our Love Quest for December. We will begin again in January, look for an invite/announcement next week. Also in January keep your eyes out for the “Hundredth Monkey Project”!

Have a blessed holiday and know that in every moment you are love. I love you.



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