Nazi Education: Toy Manufacturer Insists On Selling SS Troops Despite Customer Complaints – 7 December 2014

Still from Ruptly video
Still from Ruptly videoA Polish toy manufacturer will continue to sell its Nazi themed games, as the company believes it’s a good way to educate children. Earlier this week, a store in Sweden said it would remove toy SS soldiers from its shelves, following customer complaints.Lego-like figures with Swastikas and the Third Reich emblems are a fun way through which children can be taught history, Polish manufacturer Cobi said, stating it would continue to sell its World War 2 inspired toys.

We cannot separate this from history. Our whole European history has unfortunately absorbed Nazism from World War 2, and we cannot escape from that. We need to teach children in schools about it, we need to talk about it, so that may never happen again,” the company CEO Robert Podles told Ruptly news agency.

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