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UK Column News – 8 December 2014

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‘A Price That Works For Our Country’: Osborne Spurns Warnings, Backs Further Austerity – 8 December 2014

RT logoChancellor George Osborne has reaffirmed his support for the government’s austerity policies, calling them a “price that works for our country.”

Speaking to the BBC on Monday, he said welfare and benefits cuts were essential to make savings, and that economic growth and stability were the most important target for the economy.

“We are going to have to make savings … we are going to have to cut certain welfare bills like benefits that go to working-age people,” he said.

“But the prize is economic stability, growth, jobs in the future… brighter future, I think that’s a price that works for our country.”

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Cameron To Meet Turkish President For Counter-Terror Talks – 8 December 2014

RT logoUK Prime Minister David Cameron is set to fly to Turkey to discuss the issue of foreign fighters traveling to the country en route to join the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS, ISIL) in Syria and Iraq.

He will meet Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on Tuesday in Ankara. The talks are aimed at building on existing counter-terrorism cooperation between the two states.

Cameron will discuss the problem of UK citizens entering Turkey to slip through the border with Syria to join ISIS. Turkey’s 800-mile-long, porous border with Syria and Iraq has served as the main gateway for foreign fighters wishing to join militant groups.

Cameron and Erdoğan are also expected to discuss Turkey’s efforts to join the European Union, which the UK supports.

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Jon Rappoport – The Matrix Revealed: The Nature Of The Covert Op – 8 December 2014

jon7I’ve written a number of different introductions to my mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed.

In this brief one, I want to sketch the basis of the covert op.

Every major covert op has the same concealed objective: “defeat the enemy and thereby gain more control.”

But control over what?

Beyond the usual answers, the root answer is: “control over the mind.” Continue reading

Globalization Is Barbarous, Multinationals Rule World – Marine Le Pen – 8 December 2014

RT logoGlobalization is a barbarity, believes Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s far-right National Front party, adding that now the world is now in hands of multinational corporations and large international finance.

“Globalization is a barbarity, it is the country which should limit its abuses and regulate it [globalization],” Le Pen wrote on her Twitter account.

The problems of multinational corporations and their worldwide influence were also highlighted by France’s far-right leader.

“Today the world is in the hands of multinational corporations and large international finance,” Le Pen said.

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Brent Crude Hits New 5Yr Low – 8 December 2014

RT logoOil plunged to a new five-year low with Brent futures for January falling to $66.80 per barrel on the London International Petroleum Exchange. The latest rout is due to banks and energy groups lowering price forecasts due to the continued supply glut.

Brent for January settlement declined as much as $2.30 to its lowest price since October 2009. WTI for January delivery also slumped, losing as much as $1.43 trading at $64.41 per barrel.

JPMorgan Chase says that oversupply will continue into 2015, after OPEC decided not to cut output, and trimmed its 2015 Brent price to $82 per barrel, a $33 cut. In November, the price of Brent lost 18 percent.

The US Energy Information Administration has lowered its 2015 predictions as well, with Brent expected to average $83 per barrel, an $18 per barrel cut than the last forecast. WTI is forecast to average $77 in 2015.

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Jon Rappoport – Psychiatry: The Modern Priest-Class – 8 December 2014

jon7In this society, psychiatrists are the primary definers of mental states. Their efforts are accepted as official science.

The Psychiatric Political State is based on myths and fairy tales about distinct and separate disorders and “good treatment.”

One of the main psychiatric mantras gaining force? “Everyone at some time in their lives will experience a mental disorder.”

But an open secret has been slowly bleeding out into public consciousness for the past ten years.


Kenyan Elimination Programs: UK Accused Of Complicity – 8 December 2014

RT logoThe UK is accused of complicity in the so-called ‘elimination programs’ of terrorism suspects carried out by Kenyan anti-terror forces.

Members of the Kenyan intelligence and special police units, including the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU), say they carry out extrajudicial killings as part of their counter-terrorism efforts. They claim the UK knew of the killings carried out by Kenyan death squads.

In a video produced by Al Jazeera, sources say they have received training and intelligence from the British military. Kenya’s ATPU was established in 2003 and receives funding from both the UK and US governments.

“When these people [UK officials] come for the training, I believe that all this information is being passed to them,” a source says in the video, referring to the elimination programs.

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‘Assange Case – A Witch-Hunt By Swedish Govt Pressed By US’ – 8 December 2014

RT logoThe US, the UK, and Sweden feel threatened by the WikiLeaks data release in 2010, so they work in tandem to keep Julian Assange locked up in London in fear of being sent to the US to face a grand jury, social campaigner Clark Stoeckley told RT.

It is four years since WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was accused of rape and sexual assault and two years since he fled into Ecuador’s embassy in London.

RT: It’s been four years since Julian Assange was first charged, and he had an appeal denied last month in Sweden. What’s the next step for him now, in your opinion?

Clark Stoeckley: He has gone to several human rights groups around the world to appeal to the Swedish government to have this case dropped because Assange has not been charged with any crime. Today is four years that he has been either under house arrest or in the Ecuadorian embassy. This could have been resolved a long time ago if the Swedish government had decided to come to England to question Assange, to have an STD test done. As we have seen, the two women involved in Sweden have not claimed to have been raped and neither of them has really pursued this. It has been a kind of witch-hunt by the Swedish government with believed pressure from the US government.

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John Ward – Contemporary Descriptive Toss: Redefining The Definitive Definition – 8 December 2014

JohnWWith the news that the Conservative Party has allegedly redefined Winter, I thought it would be informative to note this practice across the board of Orwellian misnomer.

progressive.    The determination to deny all empirical data in a desperate search for the ultimate security blanket.

fury.    Noun used universally in the media to describe disappointment about a legal verdict.

mansion.      What you would be able to buy in Newcastle if you sold an unconverted attic in London. Continue reading