Steve Lendman – West Wants Putin Deposed – 8 December 2014

StevelendmanRegime change is longstanding US policy. All independent states are targeted. Mainly Washington’s two main rivals – Russia and China.

Long sought US dominance depends on toppling their existing governments. Replacing them with pro-Western vassal ones. Puppet leadership subservient to Washington.

No easy task given their formidable power. Determination to remain independent. Free from outside control.

Especially Washington. Wanting unchallenged world dominance. Perhaps willing to risk nuclear war to achieve it.

Mass annihilation. Ludicrously believing it’ll emerge last man standing. Able to recoup and move on.

Lunatics infest Washington. Madness defines US policy. Anything goes is standard procedure. Imagine risking mass destruction for global control.

On the one hand, Putin’s state of the nation address shows he wants cooperative relations with all Western countries. Not confrontation.

Saying Russia is open for business. Despite current strained relations. Washington’s hostile intentions.

On the other, don’t mess with us, he warns. Last August saying “Russia is far from being involved in any large-scale conflicts.”

“We don’t want that and don’t plan on it. But naturally, we should always be ready to repel any aggression…Russia’s partners…should understand it’s best not to mess with us.”

“…I think no one is thinking of unleashing a large-scale conflict with Russia. I want to remind you that Russia is one of the leading nuclear powers.”

Last month, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Western nations “unambiguously…do not want to force (Russia) to change policy.”

“They want to achieve a change of regime.” Saying sanctions aim to destroy Russia’s economy. Incite public protests.

His remarks followed Putin’s a day earlier. Saying Russia must guard against “color revolutions.”

Meaning mass protests toppling leaders in former Soviet republics. Taking measures to prevent them.

Freedom can’t be taken for granted. Nor sovereign rights. Keeping them requires constant vigilance. Working daily for what’s vital to preserve.

Mindful of serious threats. Hegemons stop at nothing to achieve goals. Not at Russia’s expense, Putin asserts.

Determined to challenge US unipolarity. New World Order dominance. Demanding all nations bow to its will.

Tensions between Western countries and Russia erupted long before Ukrainian crisis conditions emerged, said Lavrov.

EU countries succumbed to US pressure. Went for broke. Against their own self-interest.

Moscow didn’t instigate what’s ongoing. At the same time, won’t tolerate business as usual.

Wants cooperation as equals. Nothing less is acceptable.

On December 7, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov accused Washngton of “twisting the arms” of allies.

Building an “anti-Russian front.” Saying “(behind) the formally-declared aim to make us alter our position towards Ukraine, (we) see (America’s) plan to form social and economic conditions to change leadership in Russia.”

Wanting “to punish” Russia. For “free will of people in Crimea and Sevastopol.” Voting near unanimously by referendum last March to join Russia.

A process independently judged open, free and fair. Western nations then deciding “Russia has to, according to US opinion, totally change course towards the Kiev authorities and Eastern Ukraine in general, and to re-evaluate its foreign policy.”

Moscow won’t initiate talks with Washington and EU allies to get sanctions lifted, Ryabkov added.

He strongly criticized US House members passing Resolution 758.

“We see this document as the next step and further elaboration of those tendencies which have recently dominated Washington’s policy towards Russia,” he said.

Declaring Cold War bordering on hot with Russia. “Strongly condemning the actions of the Russian Federation, under President Vladimir Putin…”

Turning truth on its head claiming he “carried out a policy of aggression against neighboring countries aimed at political and economic domination.”

Followed by dozens more Big Lies. Similar to the 1998 Iraq Liberation Act. Calling for regime change.

Supporting internal opposition movements. Claiming Iraq committed significant international law violations. Failed to comply with its obligations agreed to following the Gulf War.

Ignored Security Council resolutions. House members overwhelmingly concurring. Senate members unanimously.

Signed into law by Bill Clinton. “(T)o establish a program to support a transition to democracy in Iraq.”

Despite America tolerating it nowhere. At home or abroad. Followed six weeks later by Operation Desert Fox.

A four-day bombing campaign on Iraqi targets. A warmup for Bush’s 2003 Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Clinton’s legislation cited in the October 2002 joint congressional resolution Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq. Based on a litany of Big Lies. Including nonexistent WMDs.

Unleashing shock and awe blitzkrieg. Destroying the cradle of civilization. Killing millions. Turning large parts of Iraq to rubble.

Creating a cauldron of violence and instability. Continuing to this day. Exacerbated by Islamic State terrorism. Obama’s Iraq War III. Human misery beyond description.

History repeating now against Russia? The world’s two most formidable nuclear powers. Risking the unthinkable.

Despite Moscow “trying hard to stabilize relations.” House members signaling hostile intentions. Senate members considering the Russian Aggression Prevention Act of 2014.

“A bill to prevent Russian aggression toward Ukraine and other sovereign states in Europe and Eurasia, and for other purposes.”

Passage along with House legislation risks the unthinkable. Possible open confrontation with Russia.

Russian lower House State Duma International Affairs Committee chairman Alexey Pushkov saying congressional actions “declar(ed)…cold war. (M)aking a new ‘reset’ impossible.”

Rebuilding relations won’t be easy. US and Russian geopolitics differ radically. Moscow goes all-out for peace and stability.

Washington wages permanent wars. Risking one with Russia is madness.

Lunatics making policy in Washington make anything possible. Even nuclear war. The fullness of time will tell.

A Final Comment

Regime change begins at home. America is on a fast track toward full-blown tyranny. Fundamental freedoms are being systematically destroyed.

Social movements are pivotal forces. Collective activism. More than ever needed now. Revolutionary change. Scattered reforms won’t work.

Monied interests rule the world. Military might supports it. Fundamental rights don’t matter. Achieving equitable change takes commitment.

Putting money power in public hands where it belongs is a good way to start.

So is prioritizing justice. Equity. Fairness. Full employment. A minimum living wage. Universal healthcare.

Free education to the highest levels. Other vital social services. Peace, stability and security. Government by and for everyone equitably.

America’s system failed. A fundamental top-to-bottom makeover is needed. An entirely new system.

Revolutionary change. Nothing less. Disruptive grassroots collective action to achieve it. Sustained commitment.

People have more power than they realize. Key is using it responsibly.

Throwing out old bums for new ones won’t work. A lesson learned long ago and forgotten. Time for remembrance is now.

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