Wes Annac – 5 Tips For Living A Spiritually Simplistic Life – 8 December 2014

wesannac2Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

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This week, I’d like to offer 5 tips for living a spiritually simplistic lifestyle. I think spirituality and simplicity go hand in hand, and it always seems to be the meek who discover spirituality; those who are willing to live more for love and simplicity than vanity.

People from all walks of life have opened up to spirit, but it seems that those who keep simplicity and humility in mind are usually more capable of maintaining spiritual alignment.

There’s something about spirituality that can lead us to embrace simplicity, humility and every other quality that points to an acceptance with life the way it is (as opposed to a desire to make it better).

Spiritual evolution is an inward progression that takes us beyond the physical and into our deeper senses, and a lot of spiritually minded people aren’t concerned with achieving things that don’t have much to do with their creativity or their inner perception.

There’s nothing wrong with achievement, but I think our state of mind when we want to achieve something is important. We can accomplish things from a spiritually open state of mind, and a lot of people can affirm that discovering spirit has led them make open-minded accomplishments.

We’ll distract ourselves from the bigger picture if we strive so hard to accomplish something that we forget about our spirituality or our purpose for being on earth, which, for a lot of us, is to hold as much love as we can.

Embracing simplicity will help us in our quest to permeate our collective consciousness with love and harmony, and our efforts to remain in our center and practice humility will eventually enable the rest of the world to open up and embrace simplistic spirituality.

With all of this said, we’ll get to the first suggestion.

1: Embrace spirituality as a way of life

This might seem like a given, but in order to embrace spiritual simplicity, we’ll want to live a lifestyle that embraces spirit and the love that comes with it. Humility can increase our greater perception and our willingness to live for spirit, and we can achieve big things from a centered place; a place where we don’t feel like we need to achieve them.

We’ll still strive to do them, but our mindset will be different.

Our purpose won’t be to have another notch under our belt or something new to brag about, but to have something we can say we did in our short time on earth. Most people don’t seem to understand that big things can be achieved from a humble place, and when we remove any mind-centered tension, our work becomes easier and our willingness to do it increases.

Generally, I think we’ll want to reduce the mind’s influence on our spirituality, our creativity, or anything we use to find a higher state of consciousness or uplift others. Constantly living for spirit will help us with this, whereas living partially for spirit while pleasing the ego will keep us from playing our role in humanity’s evolution.

We’re here to use our spirituality progressively, but if we aren’t careful, our heads could get too big and we could miss out on the true purpose of our existence on earth, which, in my opinion, is to spread the love while living for spirit and embracing the qualities that’ll lead us to co-create heaven on earth.

2: Transcend the ego’s stress and drama

I’m sure most of you assumed I’d use this piece to talk about the ego, and it can keep us from living a simplistic lifestyle if we continuously give in to it. The ego can be used in a positive way if its influence isn’t too strong, but like all things, we run the risk of misusing it and allowing it to control us.

It’ll do everything in its power to take us away from a humble, simplistic space.

Like I said above, it strives to do or gain big things, and the more we satisfy its hunger, the more hunger there is to satisfy. The more we feed it, the more feeding it requires, and we can break the cycle before it even starts by transcending the ego and its constant worries, fears, concerns, and demands.

Simplicity exists beyond the ego’s frustration, and when we’re rooted in the mind (as opposed to the heart), we’ll notice that we can’t do anything very pure or significant.

Our creativity doesn’t flow like it does when we’re in the heart, and our spiritual perception is all but diminished. In its place is a drive to satisfy materialistic demands, and we keep ourselves from finding the love, balance and simplicity we can otherwise attain.

Let’s reverse the trend so many seekers have unwillingly set by stepping outside of the ego’s limited, conditioned perceptual box. When we do, we’ll influence others who’ve been lost in unawareness to start doing the same.

3: Practice spiritual tools like meditation

Meditation’s one of many spiritual tools that can help us find a higher state of consciousness, but if we practice it routinely, we’ll notice that it also motivates us to live a simplistic lifestyle. The more we meditate, the more we’ll want to meditate, and if we practice it enough, we might find that it quickly consumes our interest.

We don’t want to meditate so much that we miss out on being creative or enjoying other aspects of life, but we’ll find after we meditate for so long that we don’t want to do much else.

The blissful feelings (and the inner visions) we receive in meditation can motivate us to practice it as much as we can, and we might quickly find that our desire to satisfy the ego is replaced with the desire to explore our consciousness and enjoy our creativity.

I don’t know about any of you, but I’m reaching a place where all I want to do is practice meditation and creativity. We’ll have to stay committed to these pursuits if we want to hone them, and the more motivated and dedicated we are, the more we’ll naturally achieve.

The more we embrace meditation and any other spiritual tool that helps us understand ourselves and our existence in a deeper way, the more progress we’ll make in anchoring a higher vibration and helping others become spiritually aware.

Plenty of seekers have been inspired by the higher vibration they’ve accessed during meditation, and it’s led them to want to get the truth out about spirituality to the rest of the world. They’ve grown to embrace simplistic spirituality over the drive to satisfy the ego, and I’m sure they can attest that the results are worth the effort.

4: Remember that all is well

Some seekers might struggle with this, and even on our best days, it can be easy to fall into drama or pettiness or let ourselves think life isn’t meant to be joyous. Life’s as enjoyable as we allow it to be, and we can either stress about it or recognize that it’s a gift from Source and live it to the fullest, in joy and centeredness.

Remembering that everything’s okay can help us take the stress and pressure off of ourselves, and we’ll notice after so long of keeping a positive attitude that our reality starts to change.

We constantly create our reality, and most people don’t seem to know this. Some will strive to create their reality from an egotistical point of view and wonder why they haven’t manifested what they want.

Like other spiritual writers have told us lately, we create in every moment – consciously and subconsciously – and we need to be constantly mindful of what we’re giving out to the universe if we want our manifestations to be aligned with our vision.

Things really will start to change when we can embody love, joy, creativity, harmony and everything else that points to a spiritually aligned lifestyle. People around us might seem more attuned to the harmony and bliss we’ve started to feel, and our positivity will affect everyone who’s had trouble embracing love and simplicity.

We’re partial determiners of how the people around us experience life, and if we’re focused on being a force for good, we can help everyone else enjoy their lives.

I think it’s our responsibility to live for love and keep in mind that all is well, because we hold the key to our happiness and the happiness of the people in our immediate vicinity. All we have to do is recognize and accept this responsibility without letting it get to our heads.

Now, we‘ll move on to our last suggestion.

5: Live in peace and harmony with the people around you

This goes hand in hand with what I said at the end of the previous suggestion (that we hold the key to the happiness of those around us), and beyond keeping in mind that all is well, we can go out of our way to live in harmony with our loved ones.

We need peace and harmony in this day and age. People fight every day, and unfortunately, loved ones aren’t excluded from the fray. We’ve all fought with our loved ones, and even though it’s inevitable in a sense, it also seems pretty unfortunate.

The more we live for love and strive not to quarrel with anyone, the better we’ll start to feel.

We’ll feel better and better with each attempt we make to live in harmony with the people in our lives (as opposed to driving a wedge between us and them), and as naïve as it might sound, we’ll have to love everyone if we want to live for simplistic spirituality.

I offer this suggestion because our lives are much simpler when we don’t fight or bicker. Things become so much clearer; better; more enjoyable. Not only are we happier, but our loved ones are happier too.

Our ability to express love to the people around us can be tainted sometimes, and even when we live unflinchingly in our center, our loved ones will inevitably experience drama. Drama and chaos seem unavoidable, but we can control how we handle them and, in doing so, remain in a simplistic space no matter what.

We can show compassion when a loved one’s upset. Even if they’re angry at us, we can give them a gentle hug, apologize for whatever offended them (without letting them take advantage of our apology), and offer them the same love and centeredness we would if they weren’t upset.

We complicate things when we embrace victimhood or convince ourselves we should fight, and in order to remain in our humble center, we’ll want to let all of the fighting and general negativity go. Living in love requires the ability to stay in our center, and we’ll have to be willing to embrace peace – especially with the people around us – if we want to stay centered.

From our center, we’ll fade deeper and deeper into the vibrations and perceptions of the sacred self. If we can remain in this spiritually vibrant place, we won’t want to fight with our loved ones anymore. We won’t want to fight with anyone, for any reason!

We’ll want to explore the higher vibration we’ll have discovered, and as difficult as it might be, we can constantly maintain this vibration no matter what circumstances we face.

Even if chaos seems to reign all around us, we can quell it by remaining in our center. We can help our loved ones find their own center; their own love; their own simplistic spirituality, and again, our reality will shift when we positively affect our loved ones from within our sacred center.

There are plenty of things we can do to embrace spirituality, simplicity and harmony, and I hope the things I’ve offered here will help those of you who’ve had trouble with this.

I’ve had my share of difficulty, but that difficulty fades when we recognize that we aren’t here to fight with others or live for the finite demands of the ego – we’re here to live in our sacred center, diminish the ego’s influence, and express a higher vibration to everyone we meet.

We’ll positively affect everyone who crosses our path when we can achieve complete love and centeredness, and after we practice this for a while, we’ll find that we’re never tempted to fall into the ego’s drama. Those days will have long passed, and they’ll be replaced with the drive to enjoy our existence and make sure our loved ones enjoy theirs too.

I think this is how life’s supposed be, and with our efforts, it’ll be this way again one day.

This concludes this week’s planetary healing.

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