‘German Govt Acts Like Masters Of The Universe Within The EU’ – 9 December 2014

RT logoDespite the German economy facing a crisis it is still the strongest in Europe. That is why Germany keeps dictating the EU path and asserts itself as the dominant power within the Union, Ernst Wolff, journalist and author, told RT.

A French member of the European Parliament, Jean-Luc Melenchon, has advised German Chancellor Angela Merkel to “shut up.” This Sunday using his twitter feed the founder of a French left party and former education minister responded angrily to Merkel’s call for France to introduce more economic reform. He said she should concentrate on Germany’s own problems.

RT: Some very undiplomatic language from this politician… What kind of reaction can we expect from the German government?

Ernst Wolff: I think they will pretend to be pretty annoyed about that because the German government feels like the masters of the universe within the EU. Germany is of course the strongest economy in the EU and it is dictating the path of the EU and they don’t want anybody to interfere with their business. Germany is also building up its military, and the direction that Germany is going into right now is that it wants to assert itself as the dominant power within the EU.

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