Lisa Gawlas – Old Earth vs New Earth. What’s The Difference?? – 9 December 2014

lisagawlas2I wasn’t going to put out a sharing today simply because I have nothing new to share, other than to say, if your vibration goes any higher, your gonna blow me to bits!! lol  So I was preparing to reply to days worth of emails when my team put the difference between what I call the old earth and the new earth in my face.  This is what they want to talk about today and now that I see it the way that I do, it is an important thing to make very clear.

If we can look at the earth we all incarnated upon as a massive series of schools, kindergarten thru graduate school, but equally, each phase of our learning like a biology class… hands on.  We entered the realm of duality to understand ourselves, to experience ourselves in all phases including, if not especially what many would call the dark times.

Duality does not exist in any way in our true home, when we are not incarnate here on earth.

To really experience the wonder of our selves, we wrap ourselves in many and vast lessons of experience, again, like biology, a hands on experience.  At first, in our earliest of childhoods, we pretty much sat in seats and learned of the world and of ourselves by those around us; parents, grandparents, teachers, clergy and so on.  As we aged, we experienced the world according to what our beliefs about it were.  Both thru the greatest of highs and the lowest of lows.  We learned how to love conditionally, how to experience ourselves as separate from others, and worse of all, we learned that winning is everything and losing should be avoided at all costs.

Yet, like the seasons on earth, our lives tick upward then often times, get wiped out (due to the choices we were making) to start again.  To give us the gift (if we choose to take it) to look at our choices and make new ones, wiser ones than the ones before.  There is not a child in either grade still learning their A,B.C’s from kindergarten.  The tasks get more complicated, more real life experience and the learning, if we allow, becomes fuller.

We move on to the next grade or level by taking responsibility for who we are and what we have created.  By taking time to examine what people told us to be true about life and even god, what no longer works for us.  If we choose to take the responsibility for ourselves and our outcomes, we repeat the grade again, only, so in our faces we cannot avoid wondering what the hell have I done to do this again.

For me personally, screw responsibility, I just wanted out of this cruel game called life.  Instead of looking at why I kept creating the same scenario over and over again, I was just sure God hated me, was vengeful and I was sure I deserved nothing good in life cuz I was bad.  Even my religion at the time (Catholic) assured me that god loves the good and condemns forever the bad.  My beliefs always playing out exactly as I expected them too.

Eventually, out team must step in grander ways than they have, wipe us clean, align with people who can see things in a different way than we ever thought to look at them.

I will add in one of the readings here from yesterday.  I have this young lady that I read for (in her 20’s) and I started seeing her before our session started.  I was surprised at what I was seeing… standing in the most beautiful shades of orange quicksand and starting to sink into the earth.  As I usually do, I asked her how she was doing and she proceeded to tell me.  The fact that this beautiful lady is in college ties right into being in “school” and I was actually surprised to hear she is at risk of failing her classes, things are going in ways she does not want them too, however, at the same time, she did take responsibility for creating this in her world.  Now I fully understand the quicksand.  Our personal choices will either lift us up or take us down, the universe has no bias at all, all is a treasure if we allow it to be.

So I had to look at the coloring, every shade of orange was made up in this sand.  Orange.  Our sense of self in the world around us as well as how we participate with the world around us according to our sense of self.  As I watched her go down into the ground, stripped of everything around her (not that she is loosing everything, she is getting ready to go on winter break) and suddenly she was in stillness, in the womb of mother earth.  Loving, nurturing and purposeful.  She was 4-5 feet down into the earth and I felt a connection with a timeline of 4-5 weeks in this state, deep inner reflection.

The next thing I know, there she is, in the belly of the earth, the only thing I could see were her HUGE perfectly round, bulging eyes.  In front of her was what looked like a periscope, it had a lens at the top side of earth and altho I could not see anything thru it, I knew she was going to be given choices in about 4-5 weeks of how she is going to come out of this moment.  She will either repeat the lessons in a bigger way or choose differently.  She can either use this time to really reflect within herself, or avoid it all together.  Darn free will, ya know.

This is how the old earth works and it really does work very well and very efficiently, even if we don’t like it at all.

And then, should we put enough wiser choices into play, there is this place that is not the old earth nor the new one… A place that feels like we entered biological hell!!  (Speaking of my own experiences this last year or two.)  A place where every cell, every neuron is upgraded to sustain and expand in the higher frequencies of living heaven on earth.  The soul mind fully in the lead, the ego working its wonderful wisdom of knowing how to navigate and create in matter.  The truest of holy matrimony ever known!!

To get to this place we have accepted responsibility for all we created, release what we do no feel is needed in our lives any longer, we have stopped yearning and started playing… we can see things from the bigger perspective and learned to take nothing personally.  Even when the challenges come up, we learn new ways to jump thru them.  To invoke our divine authority to create from the higher minds place of joy to actually be experiencing duality.  Growth, it’s all about our never-ending growth of personality and soul.

To be placed upon the new earth, means you have fully empowered yourself and live from the soul mind and not the personality.  To witness without judgement, to know, KNOW you create and uncreate at Will, at thought, at deed.  This does not mean duality has left the building, not by a long shot.  This is why we worked sooooo hard to bring heaven to earth… because of duality.  Because of physicality.  We get to be human and have that moment to say… well just shit and then move on, move in.  Assist where assistance is right action.  Witness where witnessing is the only right action.  To live a life so rich nothing… no-thing is ever held back from you.  Unrestricted potential!!

I don’t know the rest of this new earth story, but man I am excited to see it unfold!!!

I love you, honor you, rejoice in your every moment, your every experience of your never ending growth within body and soul!!


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