CIA Paid 2 Torture Experts $81Mn For Their ‘Unique Expertise’ – 11 December 2014

RT logoThe so-called “Torture Report” released this week contains startling facts about the ways in which the CIA treated detainees. Also included, though, are details about the agency’s pricey contracts with those who designed the program described therein.

On Tuesday, the Senate Intelligence Committee finally published its long awaited executive summary concerning the apparent “enhanced interrogation techniques” carried out by CIA agents against suspected Al-Qaeda militants after the September 11 terrorist attacks. And while the report is indeed brimming with grim facts about waterboarding, sleep deprivation and other tactics used by the agency with little affect or oversight, its authors also included a substantial amount of information about the two federal contractors paid millions of dollars by the United States for designing the program of torture that was used for years against individuals held captive in covert overseas prisons.

According to the Senate panel’s long-awaited report, two contractors in particular – codenamed ‘Swigert’ and ‘Dunbar’ – played a pivotal role in advising the CIA as the agency sought tactics to interrogate suspected terrorists in the wake of 9/11. Reports published as far back as almost a decade ago identify those men as James Elmer Mitchell and Bruce Jessen – two psychologists who made bank by designing the torture program and to this day remain on Uncle Sam’s payroll.

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