Comcast Sued For Creating Public Hotspots Using Private Wireless Routers – 11 December 2014

RT logoComcast customers filed a class-action lawsuit against the company in federal court, claiming that its business practices result in higher electricity costs, slower internet connections and increased security vulnerabilities for customers.

Through its subsidiary Xfinity Internet Service, Comcast began building a nationwide system of wireless hotspots in June 2013, using the wireless routers the company leases to its customers to create their home Wi-Fi networks. The company’s goal is to compete with wireless providers like Verizon and AT&T without building infrastructure nationwide, according to McAfee, a computer security company. On top of that, Comcast nets $300 million in additional revenue per quarter from monthly hardware rental fees, DSLReports editor Karl Bode notes.

But the two main plaintiffs in the case ‒ Toyer Grear and her daughter, Joycelyn Harris, on behalf of all Xfinity customers ‒ accuse Comcast of using their leased router without their permission, leading to a higher financial burden, lower productivity and increased security vulnerabilities. They filed suit with the US District Court in San Francisco on Thursday.

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