James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Interview 977 – Financial Survial: Torture, Terror And Oil – 12 December 2014

On this week’s appearance on Financial Survival with Alfred Adask, James discusses the Senate report on CIA torture and what it says about the overturning (or revelation) of “American values” and the normalization of immorality. We also talk about the plummeting oil price and begin exploring its economic and geopolitical implications.

Senate report: Harsh CIA tactics didn’t work

Declassified (Redacted) Senate report on torture (PDF)

China: Torture report undercuts U.S. on rights

The beauty products from the skin of executed Chinese prisoners

The One Man Jailed For CIA Torture Tried To Expose It

It’s official: America is now No. 2

U.S. economy still bigger than China’s, but maybe not as crucial

Bank of America sees $50 oil as Opec dies

Why Oil Is Plunging: The Other Part Of The “Secret Deal” Between The US And Saudi Arabia

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