Lisa Gawlas – Thru The Eye Of Tthe Needle Day (Plus) Divine Counterparts Defined – 12 December 2014

lisagawlas2Before I start sharing about the significance of today, December 11th, I really want to take a long moment and clear something up.  When a I share, it is always from the perspective of the unseen realm of communication and understanding, most especially, my team.  Their definition of something and the collectives (on earth) definition of something if often times, worlds apart.  Most especially with the term they started using a couple of years ago called “Divine Counterpart.”  It was the first time in my 15 year communion with them, they ever gave anything a “label.”  Not once in all my journeys did they ever use the terms soul mate or twin flame and truly, from my teams perspective, they do not see one relationship more valuable than another.

It really doesn’t matter if two people from the same soul or soul group find each other on earth, they are still assigned two very different bodies, two very different nervous systems and ego’s and the journey here in the land of matter is unique unto the incarnate no matter the origin of the soul itself.

The only reason they gave us a label of divine counterpart, is because in the human story, we need a reference point of ongoing conversation, especially and for this subject matter, ONLY in relationship to the fullness of what I have been calling Shambhala.  A human incarnate so fully aware of their Soul, of their innate abilities and divine powers that duality is simply the ocean that surrounds them and they have learned to become excellent swimmers.  Fluid.  Flowing.  Endless.

As my team uses this label, it is an absolute frequency, well two frequencies really.  It does not matter, again according to the way my team is expressing the energy around this label, if you think you are with or know your “twin flame,” if they are anywhere near caught up in the depths of duality, survival, or have not dealt with their inner issues and the vast things we have worked our asses off to free ourselves from… then the label as I use it, Divine Counterpart, does not nor cannot apply.

However, when two people, empowered within themselves, Know themselves, are complete within themselves and the two are together with their heart centered on the world of spirit here in matter… the vibration between the two is unmistakable.  Like having two violins playing in unison, the harmony, the beats of the heart bring out the extraordinary between the two.  There is so much more to this, but words fail me.

Shambhala.  The Presence of Heaven on Earth.  Not an escape from duality, but empowered thru it.  To live in this state, and it is a state, not a place, is to know you not only have the keys to the kingdom of heaven, but ARE the very key itself.  When my team first started showing me this whole Shambhala and Divine Counterpart gig, they actually showed me a lock and a key coming together, purposely to unlock…. stuff… thru the unison of sex.  Funny, I thought I heard the word “unison” wrong and maybe my team meant union, but no, not at all.  I looked up the word unison just incase and smile at the first thing I see:  In music, unison is two or more musical parts sounding the same pitch or at an octave interval, usually at the same time.  Rhythmic patterns which are homorhythmic are also called unison.

Like my small example yesterday, when i first started reading for her, her husband would never have been counted as a “divine counterpart” again, the way my team uses the label… but man oh man, did he catch up to his Soul vibration over the years.

So to be clear, being in love with someone, does not make a divine counterpart… its all about the music of soul, consciously and harmonically expressing and creating as one in two separate bodies!!

Now how you define and interpret soul mate or twin soul, that’s all you.  My team doesn’t talk like that at all.  Just sayin….

We do not need to have a divine counterpart to be alive and empowered and creators in the heartscape of Shambhala.  We are, by divine right, fully empowered creators harnessing both the divine feminine and the divine masculine within ourselves.

(I just wanted to clear up a lot of questions and confusion that started to be asked these last couple days.)

So now, lets look at what the beautiful field of You showed us yesterday.  The shine back of the energy of the 11th (today) became as solid white as I ever seen.  However, thanks to our teams, we got to see your alignment and dress as we entered this divine gateway.  There was a common theme that I noticed thru just about every connection… the element of deep reverence within each person.  Taking a pause to offer up gifts, inner gifts of gratitude, of deep inner expression of being thankful for all that got them to here.

Something started to show itself in the container of white light that is the 11th.  Something made of gold… that looked very much like this:


The gateway, portal, whatever!!  lol  Well, spirit is really fussy with my choice of words.  They changed my words to going thru the eye of the needle, which also means going thru the eye of horus.  So much of these terms were so focused in readings in 2012.  I thought we did that then lol, but we simply made the choice to get suited up for the real event… or not.

As the (short) readings went on, I realized this eye of the needle looks a lot like the symbol for the female.  After my day of readings I took to google to see if what I was feeling was correct.  I found it really interesting when I looked at wikipedia, which is where i snagged the above symbol from and next to it they said:  Neuter. This is in fact the shape of the original (medieval) “Venus” symbol (depicting a hand mirror), the additional horizontal bar being of modern date. (Probably when we cut off the womans voice.)

Entering and moving thru the womb of creation.  That would mean, everyone of us today would be the energy of the divine masculine (ya feeling like a penis today???  lol) not only entering the womb of creation, but equally, seeding it, ripening it and birthing it at 00:01 (one second past midnight tonight.)

No flipping wonder I cannot see past that moment… if it is all happening now, today… and I have got to smile… doncha know I have someone in tomorrows dateline on the end of my dance card today.  I am truly going to be shocked if anyone else is visible today.

In several of the mini-readings that were done yesterday, spirit said that today, from one second after midnight thru one second after midnight tonight we will all be going thru the eye of the needle, and with that, just now… I realized its an event not a date itself.  Because of the story-teller I am, they had to align with a date that would make sense to me in my understandings.  But no matter where on earth you are… today is the event, a full moon/sun/moon cycle event.

I kept trying to use the word “transformation” in relationship to this moment in our history and they (spirit) kept saying, it is much more than that, much fuller and beyond our (human) ability to understand or even speak in words the totality of this moment.  Another word I tried to stick in a sentence was… activations.  Again, they said it is much more than that and again, our ability to express in words is beyond inadequate.

I am going to borrow an example from my last reading of the day yesterday as a metaphor of what this moment really means to all of us.  We were talking about my weight loss and she was telling me that she weighs herself every day to get a base line of what her “average” weight is thru the year.  We can say, something very similar is underway today.  If we could see the actual baseline of our “frequency” from January 2013, this is the part of us that is going thru the eye of the needle.  Shedding all that we no longer need, or… even… that we have chosen not to use.  Plus, enhancing all that we have held steady within our hearts and applications.

Altho, I see the greatest scenario playing out here (I keep great company really lol) there is an underbelly to it too.  This event is all-encompassing.  Not just for those who raised their vibrations to higher frequencies, but also for those who have not, or reduced theirs too.  Which really means, the light will get lighter and the dark, darker.  It is truly the time of separating the wheat from the chaff.

I must quote/share the wisdom and channeling of Ken Carey from his book “Vision:”

The Great Separation
As the Twentieth Century draws to a close, those who are at peace within themselves will find their lives increasingly aligned with the strengthening field of my Presence. Those who fear will come under increasing pressure to confront their dishonesty and change. The fearful will not have an easy time in these days; for they will be withdrawing from my Spirit, thereby forcing themselves into crisis situations designed to stimulate a change of heart.

My consciousness is available to all, but the time I will wait for it to be received must eventually pass. I have come here to act. Soon my activity will begin. Those who do not accept my invitation to life will be separated in the end from those who do. Weeds and corn may together flourish in the fields, yet at the time of harvest, their destinies diverge. It would not be merciful to forever sustain in consciousness those who give others cause to fear. 

I come as the Spirit of Truth to comfort those who live by love, to challenge those who do not. I come with the Great Sword of Division, to separate those who destroy from those who create. All will meet me, in honesty or in deceit. And as the years go by, these two ways will grow ever more distinct.

The one thing I gotta ask is… why now??  Why today?  We earthlings align with so many dates, so many “portals” and stuff… 12/11/14 was not one of them!!  Not to my knowledge anywayz.  Again, they say, it has nothing to do with a dateline, but it is completely due to a rapid rise in frequency, in the light energy upon earth that must affect everyone on all earths.  Had the collective we will just call the “Shambhala collective” not arrived, emerged, come to Life, LIVE out loud, this gateway would never exist, at least, not today.

A downpouring of light so intense, so alive in physicality, nothing can hide in its wake.

I find it interesting in this…. emergence… that the sun itself has been quite.  As I went to spaceweather to see, I hear my team say the sun has done what it needed to do to get to here… seed us and now… WE ARE THE SEEDS OF LIFE!!  The protective shell stripped and the DNA of spirit incarnate… planted, ripening and birthing all within a 24 hour span of our perception of time.  Miracle grow at its finest lol.

I just now found the image I am using for this sharing, not quite the spiritual thing I was looking for, but this image gave so much clarity to the evolution of that vibrational line I called 2015.  It started to look like rope, or, as this picture clearly shows… thread!!  Granted I have not seen a camel, but various version of you walk towards what I now see as the eye of the needle.

Happy Birth-way everyone!!  I cannot wait to see what the hell it means to us!!!

With so much love and passion to all wrapped in fertile ((((((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))))))

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